Time to upgrade with MOOCs

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I am in a comfortable position right now.

I got a good job and not overworked. Right now, it's the lull period where the sales figures are more or less fixed for the year and people are having holidays. It's like the end of the business cycle and new development will be next year's problem. Everyone is looking forward to collecting their bonus and busy slacking enjoying the rainy season.

So of course, I have more free time.
How else can you use this?
Besides preparing the usual reports, and getting ready the numbers for next year, I have nothing much to plan as the next business travelling trip will also be next year. I have also quite a number of annual leave to clear so it's like a 3 day work week this month.

I start to feel bored.

After all, there is only a certain period of time you can play games, watch shows and eat junk food before you become restless.

Besides meeting up with my good friends, I found a good way to past time at home. I finally open up to taking MOOCs (Massively open online courses), which is not the same as MMORPGs (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game). One is educational while the latter is entertaining.

A few famous MOOCs are Coursera, edX, Udacity and most of the lectures available are free unless you need a proper certificate, in which case you got to pay. It's a fascinating learning setting where you can learn at your own speed and location, and there are so many topics to choose from.... Social psychology, behavioural patterns, quantum mechanics, business modules. The knowledge begins with just a click.
Public speaking apprehension is a real fear!
I chose "Introduction to Public Speaking" as my first course. My friend was puzzled, asking why I chose it when I already know the basics since I have business presentations regularly. Of course, I wanted something to help with my career but which is interesting enough to keep me hooked. I thought I may pick up some tips here and there and true enough. I learnt about structure of my presentation, gestures and breathing and how to critique speeches. I am eager to put some new found skills to good use. Do take note that it will only be fascinating if you are keen to know more about the topics.

One key advantage of MOOCs is that you can definitely include the courses that you have taken in resumes and LinkedIn profile. I think it would definitely show employers that you are still keen to learn and upgrade yourself and that kind of positive attitude would put anyone in a favourable light.

We should never be complacent and assume that we know everything there is to know in a certain field. There is always a new angle, new perspective waiting to be discovered. There is always a new way to do things.

You are only old when you stop learning.


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  1. Jes,


    I'll check Coursera out too ;)

    Let's see. Is there a course on how to put on mascara without looking like Alice Cooper?


    1. Hi Jared,

      Haha, yeah since you so free. Can check it out after playing your mobile game or Guild Wars 2 :)

      Ehh... is it generation gap ah? I also had to google Alice Cooper like J. I think for mascara course, any girl and even some guys can teach you... Actually, don't even need to teach, just put it on and take some of your pictures so that you can get peer reviews!

    2. Hi Jes,

      Hey I also play Guild Wars 2 too :) I used to watch videos on Udemy, plenty of interesting stuff to learn about!

  2. SMOL: I am sorry to have googled Alice Cooper upon seeing your comment. (Thought it was a pretty girl...)

  3. Yes, MOOCs are very nice. I started with computer science courses (related to my job) then after that took some random courses in law, humanities. Very interesting. Tried to take accounting and corporate finance courses, thinking they will help with investing, but fell asleep instead. Books are more interesting...

    1. Hi Wei Qi,

      Haha yeah financial courses and books sometimes make me sleepy, good to cure insomnia. Books are good too but not as dynamic and hard to find good free books :)

      Enjoy your holidays!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi CP,

      Wah date me out! Haha joking, ok let's talk privately then.

  5. Hi Jes,

    Always good to delve into online course if not books.

    Aside from doing that, recently I also sign up course to hear real people talk. I focus on the people talking in this case which is Kishore M.


    1. Hi Rolf,

      Wah just googled Kishore M, got a man similar to him involved in forex scam, not a very good link to this name. This talk looks good but sounds very general and broad based, wonder what they are going to talk about. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. kishore mahbubani

    google him in Youtube and hear him talk. If u want to be a successful sales at least for now, spend some time listen to him talk. The eloquence of Kishore is admirable and do Sg n Asians proud in the western world

    1. Hi Rolf,

      I think he is a very knowledgeable and calm speaker and definitely admirable. Reminded me of Tharman. After watching some of the videos recommended by my public speaking lecturer, he recommended some who can make dreary things sound interesting and that's the difficult part that I wish to learn. One of them is Hans Rosling.