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A real shopping heaven for cheap bargains... that's Bangkok. However, my Thai friends think that Singapore is a better place to shop.... Oh well, distant pastures always look greener. If you are taking a taxi to go around, do read this guide. A few places that you must visit:
Lovely Bangkok at night (Source: wikipedia)
1) Chatuchak Market (JJ Market)
Whoever who goes Bangkok without heading to JJ market must really hate shopping, or just plain fearful of the heat. It opens only in the morning from Friday to Sunday. It takes around 200 Baht to reach this place from Silom by taxi and only 30 minutes. Otherwise, you can take BTS to Mochit or MRT to Chatuchak Park station and head to Exit 1. Truthfully, it was rather hot and stuffy walking around in this sheltered but not well ventilated place that is much worse than Bugis Village. However, the many clothes, food and other souvenirs I brought home and the discounts I got were just about worth suffering through the heat for 2 hours.
They even sell pets!
2) Union Mall
Near to JJ Market and if you are lazy like me to take the BTS from there, a taxi ride would cost around 50 Baht to reach this place. I assure you this is the hidden gem of Bangkok. So many of us usually heads to Platinum Fashion Mall due to the location but the mess and the repeated fashion styles made the mall dreary.
It's the inside that's interesting... (Source: wikipedia)
I can assure you that Union Mall is really much better for shopping and also real cheap. I like that the quality is much better than what you get in JJ Market but yet, the price is worthwhile for the quality. I bought a dress for work for only S$8!! My Thai friends love this place and I can see why. Definitely top of my list every time I need to shop.

3) Rod Fai Market Ratchada
Some days, the temperature that reach over 40C is enough to stop anyone from stepping out of the hotel. However, we have to brave the heat in order to find our gems... but not at this place! Rod Fai Market is quite far away from the hotels but I am glad I took the trip. It takes more than 300 Baht of taxi fare or you can travel by MRT and drop at Cultural Center station. Then walk towards the shopping mall and straight through the entrance to the back exit. Cross the carpark, follow the crowd and you will reach here.
The street shopping experience
It has quite a cool, vibrant vibe with many peddlers soliciting business and rows and rows of tents to get lost in while exploring the merchandise. At the back of this place, they have some authentic vintage items like a museum. The open air bazaar is only great when it is not raining so be sure to check the weather forecast first. I also saw a long queue for one of the food stalls selling noodles so maybe you can try and let me know if it's worthwhile to stand in line. Definitely will come back and shop again if time permits.

4) Terminal 21
This is one of the newest shopping malls and their theme as an airport terminal is quite cute. You will see those attendants dressing up like air crew members greeting you at every entrance. For every floor, the theme is for different countries like Rome, Japan, Paris, Istanbul, San Francisco. It's quite cool especially since the decorations are different on every floor, even for the toilets! However, there is not really a lot of shopping that can be done because the price is scarily high. Just take a look for free then...

Boarding gate?! (Source: wikipedia)
5)  Asiatique
Asiatique is a vibrant night life place where everything comes alive and you can shop for more premium products. It's like a night market and as the temperature is more cooling, you can slow down your pace and have a romantic night out.
The free ferry service with the picturesque backdrop
First, you can either take a taxi straight there (Less than 300 Baht from Silom)  or take the scenic shuttle ferry tour that is free of charge. From Saphan Taksin BTS station, you have to queue at least 30 minutes to board because everyone knows that it is free. I saw some illegal ferries that cost around 5 Baht per person so take it at your own risk to save time.
I would rather shop at this cooling environment!
6) Pat Pong
I like to come here as it is near my hotel. Night shopping is always more relaxing due to the temperature and it is always quite fun to walk around and be harassed by the vendors. You can watch some performances that are not for kids in this area and enjoy the happy hour. Remember to haggle as the prices here are at tourist prices!

Massage at Healthland Spa
Going to Thailand without trying a massage is equivalent to going to Vegas without gambling... it's just freaking weird. I assure you there is nothing dirty or sordid going on. For a 2 hours full body massage, it only cost 500 Baht (S$20). It's so cheap and their service is unbelievably good. However, you just have to call and book to avoid disappointment. They have several branches and some are really crowded. I would recommend heading to the branch at Asoke as it is very near Teminal 21. After the day walking around to see the temples, you should really try their massage.
Relax and enjoy after walking for the whole day! (Source: wikipedia)
On what to eat and a 4D3N itinerary, stay tuned to my next post!


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  1. Hi Jes, Very nice! I am sure to revisit this post before I go Bangkok. :-)

    1. Hi Rolf,

      I am surprised you don't already know these places because it seems like you are such a frequent traveller! Glad you find it useful anyway :D


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