Sharing session with SimplyJesMe - Postponed

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The sharing session has been postponed as the organisers will be holding a bigger event at a later date and combined with other bloggers. The scheduling of this date was too rushed so they were unable to get more speakers.

Now, this is a better idea!

Attendees will be able to learn and get to know more from a trip down and I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you to the people who signed up, willing to take the effort to travel and just to interact with me. I really appreciate your support and looking forward to meeting with each and every one of you at a later date.

Hopefully by then, I will have more motherhood and entrepreneurship stories to share. Just some updates, I really like my working-from-home arrangement. No more travelling to work, waiting for 5pm and having to rush home after picking up my daughter. Even the child care teachers commented I look pretty relaxed as they saw me walking at a leisurely pace, it's like I am enjoying my life.

I like that.

Of course, finances are still in a disarray but I know results will take time. Let's say if I change job to a different industry, I would also have to start from ground zero and start from lowest pay, so I need to be patient and keep improving my business. Sales are doing better than expected after Chinese New Year so I know business is growing but I intend to improve SnackFirst's website, labels and the whole packaging. This is also the time where I find more snacks and other food items to list, to expand my variety and portfolio. If you are a bargain hunter, you can check out our regular promotions at Lazada and qoo10.

If you really want to interact or ask questions in the meantime, my Facebook page with messenger is available any day.

Now, back to work and blogging :)


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