NTUC Fairprice Gold formula milk price comparison with other brands

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With regards to my previous price comparison on the prices of formula milk, I feel that it is in need of an update particularly because NTUC's own brand has arrived to disrupt the market. My baby has already switched to drinking cow milk so I won't be letting her try it. Thus, this is just purely a price comparison and not anything pertaining to the taste. Similarly, the content of AA/DHA will be added to the revised table.

Introducing the Fairprice Gold Formula Milk:

Stage 1 (Formula milk from birth)
As usual, mummies please breastfeed as long as possible, but don't force it if you are losing your sanity. The prices are updated as on 1st November 2017. S26 was the cheapest but with Fairprice Gold, they easily disrupted the prices of the market and dethrone S26.

Stage 2 (Formula milk from 6 months onwards)
Fairprice Gold is the undisputed winner even without bulk quantity pricing. They are only available at Fairprice Online and all NTUC stores and not at any of the other online platforms.

The yellow box highlight the one with the highest/cheapest

Stage 3 (Formula milk from 1 year old onwards)
Fairprice Gold reigns throughout, easily shaving more than 30% off the price for Friso Gold, which used to be the most affordable. Surprisingly, the amount of AA/DHA does not lose out either! Actually, I would recommend all parents to buy cow milk instead of continuing with formula milk, which will be at least half the price.

Fairprice rules both content of AA/AHA even without bulk discounts

Stage 4 (Formula milk from 2 or 3 years onwards)
As there is no Stage 4 for Fairprice Gold, there is no change for this table and Friso Gold is still the most budget-friendly brand. I don't think you should still continuing feeding formula milk at this point though, cow milk should be given instead.

At this point, cow milk can be consumed by toddlers

For the overall comparison
As Fairprice Gold has no Stage 4, I used the comparison from Stage 1 to 3 instead.

I can't believe how much cheaper Fairprice Gold is! I feel cheated by the other milk companies for charging so much more, claiming it is due to R&D or marketing costs. To think that Fairprice Gold Formula Milk is Halal certified, made from Australia and still so affordable, I think the government is doing the right thing by bringing competition to the market.

Assuming 1 tin a week, I could have saved around 52 tins  x $(57 - 27) = $1,560 just by changing Nestle Nan brand to Fairprice Gold!

What this means for me?
I will definitely try out Fairprice Gold if I have another baby. Not just because of price but because I really think there is no difference for all brands. Just as long as they are safe for infant consumption and with government's backing behind this, I think I can safely try them out.


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  1. Hi Jes,

    Hmm, I was looking at your table, puzzled. My boy drinks Nan (1 yr onwards), and I've been tracking the cost over all the purchases. None of it is as expensive as stated in your table. Usually I get it at about 25 to 27 dollars per tin ($33 per kg). That's pretty okay to me, so I didn't bother searching for the lowest and all that.

    Maybe with online purchases + coupon and card, it's not all that bad? haha

    1. Hi LP,

      I went to check prices again on Lazada and the figures are more or less the same. I did not factor in coupons and discounts though, but if you got a place to buy at $25 per tin, do share!

      Anyway I am feeding cow milk to my daughter, definitely much cheaper and less sugar content. Hope you will try it for your boy!

  2. Hi Jes,

    Yeah, definitely will try cow's milk when he's older :) I usually buy on qoo10 when there are stores discount + qoo10's coupon (e.g. $30 off for every $100). Used to buy from lazada using a hack, but no longer applies, so no point sharing. I track the prices of formula milk and diapers like any stock investor LOL

    1. Hi LP,

      Oh if you use cart coupon, then other brands will be even cheaper too. So my comparison still stands. Anyway buying during sales period is definitely the way to shop online.

      Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Hello is it possible to do a comparison with Einmilk?

    1. Hi there,

      Sure, will add that when I do my next update. Thank you for the suggestion!


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