Sharing session with SimplyJesMe on 5th May (Postponed)

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I am honoured to have my own sharing session to meet and greet my readers. You can register them at this link - Unconditional Parenting Made Easy.

I have no idea who thought of this title because parenting is never easy. Yet it's the tough and challenging times that create the most unforgettable memories. Me? I have no secret recipe, I just try my very best and I think that's enough.
Yep, completely informal session!

Many parents don't think trying their best is good enough. They try to live up to societal and unrealistic expectations, mostly resulting in more disappointment and anger. Baby will do fine with formula milk while your body plays catch up with the milk supply. Baby is not going to sleep through the night for the first year, not because they are spoilt by your hugs but because they are hungry or they have other needs. Your house will look super messy and disorganised for the first 3 months and it's ok to accept help. Your body will not shrink back to your pre-pregnancy weight and figure for the first year too.

We just need to adjust our expectations and take things one at a time.

Like recuperate and rest. It's the most important but yet we like to take our health for granted. If you have more questions, I will be happy to answer them the best I can.

Many have been asking about my change in career. From travelling frequently to starting my business, why did I do it? How did I do it? Juggling work and family is the toughest and it's a choice I made to create more time with my family. You can find out more during this interview session on 5th May.

It is on a Saturday, from 2 to 5pm at International Plaza, 10 Anson Rd #06-22. It's of course free, if not I don't think anyone will come.

I told the organisers probably we will need to cancel because I have no idea if people want to meet me. Some information on the organisers, they are from IAM Advisory, and they will be having a speaker to speak about the updates on Integrated Shield Plans. They are a business consultancy firm and you don't have to stay to hear them if you don't want to but they promised me no hard sales push. I also told them no ILP (Investment Linked Insurance Policies) and they will not promote that too.  Just purely educational talk and they will be there if you have any questions on your financial policies.

I think that's fair enough for me. They are tapping on my network but I benefit from challenging myself to do these things, to share up close with you guys and to see how is the response like.

If you don't feel comfortable with any financial talk, just come for my sharing session then. I am still fine if you guys are shy and want to keep dropping me mails. If you are free, please register here because we will cancel it if the turn out is poor.

See you!


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