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There was a big outcry from many of my friends over the merger of 8 JCs in Singapore from the recent news. Our school, Jurong Junior Collge was to be closed down and 'merged' with Pioneer JC. They were pretty adamant that we should keep our JJC name or even Jurong-Pioneer JC. Why should we have to move when we are more established and have a longer history?
The schoolyard where I sometimes have to run to avoid being late!

Precisely because our building is old, so rather than renovate it, moving to PJC is a wise move. For the name, probably they might compromise if we make enough noise.

It's lucky that my class had a graduation photo shoot at the grounds of our alma mater. I will have something to remember my old hide outs. My batch even has a celebrity who is Desmond Tan, but I don't know him at all. Pity. Other well known people are Eric Moo and Kenneth Sng, so we have had our own shares of successful alumni.

The nice canteen with the delicious beehoon and economical rice
For me, it's not so much as the name or even the building and location. It's the memories that we forged together that will forever remain in my heart. Think about it, it has been almost 10 years since I last returned to the school compound so the place does not do much for me. I did went back to teach the JC students for half a year and also to play basketball with my friends after I graduated.  Probably one day we would all return for an alumni gathering and it would not make sense in a new school but even with renovation, the building is not going to be recognisable anymore.

Not just JJC, my secondary school too, Jurongville Secondary School.

Sorry for the blur and old picture

It's going to merge with Hong Kah Secondary but at least it gets to retain its school compound. However, the last time I went back, I could not recognise it at all because they re-built the whole school! Now, they have elevators, air-conditioned rooms and huge kick-ass indoor courts. I am so jealous but happy for the improvements. Particularly when I know my kid will get to benefit in similar environment.

I am proud to be in neighbourhood schools. I know some people will think it's lousy or a different league and I don't have a network of people I can rub shoulders with. I don't mind, I hold my head high when I announce my schools and I love and cherish my times there. I still keep in touch with my favourite teachers and they are still teaching passionately. These are the people that matters.

So here, I pay tribute to my alma maters and teachers, you will forever be in my heart.
Guess which is me!


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  1. Jes,

    Tell me about it...

    My PAP kindergarten at Queens Crescent demolished. Even the road Queens Crescent totally wiped out :(

    My Hua Yi Primary School faded into memory... Not even relocated :(
    Lucky the school band picture on our old $50 bill. Small consolation.

    At least Gan Eng Seng Secondary School relocated twice and now at Henderson Road.

    Its our fault. We not producing enough babies to fill-up our old schools...

    And the fact our schools not "brand name" schools. Attas schools will not have falling enrolments.

    1. Hi Jared,

      Hahaha, you very cham, even kindergarten also gone! GES not too bad what, still quite good school. I agree, Hwa Chong, Raffles, Nan Yang people will not have such situation.

      Yala, your fault la. So much money but dun want to have babies. Haha, just joking! Children are a lifetime commitment, cannot force people to give birth. So you see more foreign talent... who to blame again?


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