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I have been to Georgia aquarium in US and also Chitose Salmon Park in Hokkaido but I am ashamed to say that I have not been to my own country's second top attraction.. the SEA aquarium! I just had to go there this year. It opens at 10am everyday and closes at 6pm to 9pm so be sure to check the opening hours before you plan your activities.

This is a different attraction from the Underwater world. If you are looking for dolphin shows then Underwater world is for you. Most would prefer to go SEA aquarium as it's new and included in the Sentosa Parks Access where you can buy the tickets together with other attractions. The SEA aquarium is quite near to the Universal Studios at Waterfront Station so I can see why many families would want to pop by and take a rest inside this cooling place after a day out at the roller coasters.
It is a very short trail and do not hurry through the exhibits!
It's pretty easy to spend around 2 hours here although it looks quite a short walk. Of course, we are talking about taking time to look at all the fishes and taking lots of pictures, not rushing along at your usual pace. To start off, you will see a lot of colourful pictures that is certain to look nice for selfie/wefie.
These colourful fishes are great for selfie!
Seeing jellyfish is like a norm in these attractions as they are sure to look nice and able to wow spectators. The lack of bones and how they glide in the water are quite mystical and unusual, definitely able to capture the attention of anyone.


Some unique fishes include the Lion fish below. I like that SEA aquarium also has the interactive part where you can touch starfish, anemone and other organisms. The better part is where they also supply sanitizers and tissues to clean your hands after which. Impressive because I don't see other places providing such hygiene measures.
Quite a unique lion fish in lion city
The scary looking sharks above your heads!
Nice collection of small and colourful fishes
Very visual and easy to follow notices... great for kids!
In the middle of the trail, there is a huge aquarium where you can sit and watch the fishes swim past... round and round. I always love this part the most. Here, I spent the most time, just sitting around, watching and spotting the various fishes. The water has a sort of calming effect and coupled with the lovely fishes, I could just relax here. It acts like a resting place for most families so I would expect it to be quite packed during weekends.
The main aquarium place
If you stay long enough, the divers would appear to wave at you!
The only black stingray.. which I called it the 'Batman'
Just nice it was the Halloween season so there were all kinds of pirate and skeletal displays in the aquarium. They even have someone dressing up as the Grim Reaper! I am sure they would have Christmas stuff by now, and also people dressing up as Santa and other cute mascots.
Looked like the school of fishes going to attack the skeleton!
Cute pirates for you to spot and take pictures
At at the end of the journey, there is of course a chest full of treasure! 
I really think it's a worth while trip to Sentosa if you have not been there. At $28 for adults and $15 for kids (Singaporeans) or $32 for adults and $22 for kids (foreigners), it's not that expensive and much cheaper than what I had to pay for Georgia aquarium at US$38. You would have to pay extra if you want to interact with dolphins at Dolphin Island

Definitely, I think SEA aquarium is the best aquarium I have been to. Too bad they don't have any sea animals show but they should seriously consider merging it with Underwater World.


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  1. go river safari too
    its freshwater aquarium and panda there too

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      I did go there last year and enjoyed the trip too. See this post:

      Enjoy your holiday season! :)

  2. Hi Jes,

    I also been to the restaurant which is inside the sea aquarium. Nice food n nice view but ex. Lucky I go with biz associate and can claim. :-)

    Maybe u can bring ur biz associate there also next tjme!

    1. Hey Rolf,

      Great suggestion! I heard it's really expensive but good view so a business meal is definitely appropriate haha. People will definitely ask if the fishes from the restaurant are supplied directly from the aquarium... oops.