10 super good deals to grab from Shopee (Exclusive insider info from seller!)

Right now, if you have not heard of Shopee, you are definitely losing out. With huge marketing budget and a clean, fuss-free online platform, it is no wonder that Shopee is the fastest growing platform, not just in Singapore, but also the whole of South East Asia.

How motherhood changed me - Why I no longer want a travelling job

We are not wired to be parents.

When we were born, we were looked after by our family. When our parents took care of us, it was easy to enjoy life and be selfish about own needs. My parents were the traditional type, they said we could only date after 18 years old. Dating is rarely a successful deal at the first try and many of us go through a few relationships in order to find someone suitable and settle down. That took a few years for most of us.

Guard your time well, or you will lose it

I blogged previously stating how 30 to 40 years old is a period of  'Not enough time'. Yet I find so many becoming a hamster on a wheel, whereby you allow non consequential people and circumstances to dictate your schedule.

If you cannot manage your time well, it's difficult to feel happiness.

To succeed, what are you willing to sacrifice?

Success? What exactly is success?

I used to think that to be successful is to be rich and not have to work at all. To be a 'tai tai' was like an ideal dream and that defines the pinnacle of success. Now that I am in my 30s, success is not so straight forward anymore. 

5 reasons why you should start online shopping

Online shopping is a way of life for many of us, especially for working adults and that makes up around 26% of the population. There is still a large portion of the population who is not into buying things online and I don't understand why.

The cheapest diapers in Singapore!

I always think that diapers are very much overpriced but super necessary. Ask me to use reusable diapers and wash the poop and urine every day, I will not do it, I would rather pay for disposable diapers. However, as with all things, they should be made cheaper because we change diapers so frequently at every 2 to 3 hours. I blogged about it previously that Huggies Total Protection Silver Pants is one of the cheapest and bought them from MyCK stores for my elder daugher.

3 lessons I learnt from my kids

These days, I am busy teaching my daughters all kinds of things. I corrected my elder daughter's pronunciation, questioned her on alphabets and quizzed her on colours. The different types of transportation, why lizards can climb on walls and how there are no monsters in the world, those are just some questions parents have to answer every day. For the younger daughter, she is just learning to walk and feed herself but you can see she is eager to grow faster so as to run and play with her sister.

Do you like to work?

Some days, my daughter love school so much she looked forward to going to her lessons even on weekends. Other days, she cried so much and clung on to us before her teachers dragged her away. The teachers also take it personally that she does not like to go to school on those days and asked me why.

Self employment - A year in review

My business is now more than 1 year old! Time flies and I can't believe I survived a test of ups and downs. I can't say it was an easy time because it was definitely a steep learning curve working in my own business but this past year was definitely rewarding.

Second kid is much easier

They always say the first is the toughest and most difficult for everything. The first love, the first kiss, the first pregnancy, the first labor, the first child.

I dismissed it previously as a ploy to get me to give birth to more babies.