The considerations of having a second child

After the first child, there will be many asking if you would want a second child. It's common to stop at 2 but nowadays, I have lots of friends who only have one kid. That led me to ask them why they did not want another child. These are the reasons:

What's worse than morning sickness

It's a period of darkness, of no end in sight.

It is also the time when most woman will want to be a man in their next life.

Morning sickness happens to 80% of the pregnant mothers and it is definitely the wrong term, it doesn't happen only in the morning. It is for the whole dreadful day! Although some studies say that the nausea and vomiting might actually show high probability of a healthy pregnancy, seeing my friends who did not have to go through this dark phase made me jealous like crazy.

Network marketing, MLM, direct selling

I am worried about many of my friends. Most are new mothers and are looking for flexible work so that they can spend more time with their children. They are lured by their friends who promise flexible work and easy-to-earn cash.

There will never be cash that is easy to earn. If there is, it is most definitely a scam. If money is easy to be made, people will not have to look for you, many will flock to it.

Your Work Is Not Your Life

Some friends see me as 'unemployed'. Others see me as taking a break from corporate world, and they kept on asking when I am going back for interviews and trying to recommend available jobs to me. A few think I am resting at home, possibly slacking and shaking my legs.

Technology is not to blame, you are

Recently, PCF introduced technology into our sign-in system. Instead of the manual signature by the parents, parents use the iPad to take picture to sign in. Seems like a no-brainer as this digital storage of information will be better for the administrative duties too.

Cost of a traditional Chinese wedding in Singapore

I am not joking when I tell you a wedding is a hefty affair. Looking at the financial point of view, I would have opted for a simple buffet lunch but no, wedding is also a family affair. It really depends on both you and your partner's parents, more so for the bride's parents. They would want a lavish event to marry off their daughter proudly and to loudly announce to their friends and associates.

This is also their day so I have to do it their way.

Review of Di Gio bridal studio

The rates when I got married 5 years back have not changed much when I compared to the rates of a friend who just got married this year. It was and still is too expensive in my opinion. If you got married right after you graduate, I am pretty sure you can't afford the whole Chinese wedding package and banquet without any financial support.

Entrepreneurship - A wasted degree?

Earning $100k or getting a honours degree is not stopping me from starting me own business. However, many would feel that I have wasted my education. They ask, why do I need to study so much if I am going into entrepreneurship? Have I wasted my technical knowledge and wasted my last 8 years of working experience?

Can you be the woman while I be the man?

In our next life, can you be the woman while I be the man?

That's what I like to say to my husband. Why? No menstruate cramps, morning sickness, delivery pains, confinement headaches and breastfeeding woes. All the physical torture of women that is not the least bit shared with men.

Freaky Friday anyone?

Protective or over protective?

I understand how some parents can be protective over their kids, especially the babies or toddlers. Especially new parents, because I have been through the exact same phase. There are also some people who are not adept at handling babies but still insist on hugging them. Or worse, some have poor hygiene habits and kept touching the kids' cheeks and chins.