Review of Di Gio bridal studio

The rates when I got married 5 years back have not changed much when I compared to the rates of a friend who just got married this year. It was and still is too expensive in my opinion. If you got married right after you graduate, I am pretty sure you can't afford the whole Chinese wedding package and banquet without any financial support.

Entrepreneurship - A wasted degree?

Earning $100k or getting a honours degree is not stopping me from starting me own business. However, many would feel that I have wasted my education. They ask, why do I need to study so much if I am going into entrepreneurship? Have I wasted my technical knowledge and wasted my last 8 years of working experience?

Can you be the woman while I be the man?

In our next life, can you be the woman while I be the man?

That's what I like to say to my husband. Why? No menstruate cramps, morning sickness, delivery pains, confinement headaches and breastfeeding woes. All the physical torture of women that is not the least bit shared with men.

Freaky Friday anyone?

Protective or over protective?

I understand how some parents can be protective over their kids, especially the babies or toddlers. Especially new parents, because I have been through the exact same phase. There are also some people who are not adept at handling babies but still insist on hugging them. Or worse, some have poor hygiene habits and kept touching the kids' cheeks and chins.

Sharing session with SimplyJesMe - Postponed

The sharing session has been postponed as the organisers will be holding a bigger event at a later date and combined with other bloggers. The scheduling of this date was too rushed so they were unable to get more speakers.

Now, this is a better idea!

Customers are not always right

I know I have not seen all after being in sales line for 9 years. After so long, people still continue to surprise me. One thing does not change: Customers are not always right.

They can shout at their top of the lungs, they can scold you for their bad mood, they can shift the blame to you because of their own fault but they cannot escape blame on their part.

Club Med Bintan - All-inclusive, unplanned holiday

This was quite an interesting idea for me - All-inclusive resort where all the food, accommodation and facilities are added in the price. I heard it first from a few friends but I never thought I would want to try it. After all, shouldn't a holiday be full of sight seeing, shopping and walking?

Not if you just want to relax and not have to plan any itinerary or follow some boring tours.

Of stress and infertility

Chinese New Year is scary. The annual gossip sessions for aunties where they either ask when you are getting a partner, getting married or getting pregnant. Or when it is time for your next child. A fine line between concerned and being overly pushy. I have some friends who are so stressed they prefer to stay home instead.

Sharing session with SimplyJesMe on 5th May (Postponed)

I am honoured to have my own sharing session to meet and greet my readers. You can register them at this link - Unconditional Parenting Made Easy.

I have no idea who thought of this title because parenting is never easy. Yet it's the tough and challenging times that create the most unforgettable memories. Me? I have no secret recipe, I just try my very best and I think that's enough.
Yep, completely informal session!

Should I buy Integrated Shield Plan until 99 years old?

Thanks to Ray, he pointed out I should expand my price comparison of different shield plans to age 75 and up. I can't remember why I stopped at 75 years old, but I probably followed AIA's tables, which only covers up to 75 years old.