Why planning for retirement is even more important now that I have 2 kids

It seems just like yesterday when I graduated from university. 

The past decade has been a whirlwind – I’ve gotten married, moved into a new house and expanded my family to include 2 lovely daughters! 

Planning for retirement starts young

Losing Weight with PostNatal Massage (PNSG) Singapore

Post natal massage is a therapeutic time for me and I was really looking forward to it. For my second pregnancy, I tried out PNSG (Postnatal Massage Singapore) to see if the massage through an agency is really better than those freelance ones.

All you need to know about confinement nannies - With PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

Cannot talk and laugh ah!

PEM confinement review

Talk on 25 Oct: Financial decisions for first-time parents

Are you a first time parents or intending to start a family soon? Is your household finances a big issue in your mind and you have some questions on how much it cost to expand your family?

The ultimate price comparison of Integrated Shield Plans (Updated Oct 2018)

Due to the recent price increase for NTUC and AXA, I had to do an overhaul of the comparison table, plus some minor price changes for other insurance companies too. In the future, there will not be any 100% coverage or as-charged plans anymore, after the recent government's announcement on the changes. I hope the next update I can bring you, is the comparison table that has 5% co-payment.

Beware of formula milk companies

I used to buy Nestle Nan Optipro formula milk before I realised how expensive it is when I did my comparison of formula milk prices. Due to freebies and discounts, I signed up with Nestle Baby Club and also Similac Baby Club.

The ultimate comparison of coconut drinks in Singapore

I love doing comparisons although it takes so much work and time. That is because it helps me make a clear cut decision and I can always come back to update and refer to it. I know these reviews such as comparison of Integrated Shield Plans, diapers and formula milk prices have also benefited many others, which is why I will try to update the figures from time to time.

Anyway coconut water is considered a new food trend in Singapore. Many of you would have noticed the multitude of brands of coconut drinks which suddenly crowded a whole section of supermarket. The increased coverage of coconut drinks vs sports drink has made many started drinking this low calories juice, including me.

My second pregnancy: 5 things I did differently

During my first pregnancy, everything was done religiously and obediently. I followed doctor's instructions carefully and read up on baby stuff every week. I was also more cautious and anxious about what I should do and prepare.

For the second time round, everyone is more relaxed, including my family. They did not keep asking me about my well-being or keep buying tonics for me to consume. My mum did not ask me at regular intervals whether I was wearing proper shoes as she was scared of me falling down. I guess this is normal for subsequent pregnancies as you are not a first-time newbie handling pregnancy anymore, everyone knows you can definitely handle it now.

Parenthood Tax Rebate Rocks!

Of course, everyone hates to pay taxes. It's money that seems like an unnecessary burden. I am not entirely clear how the tax collection system works in other countries but I am very impressed with how the Singapore system is. No joke on their efficiency and these are the little things the citizens sometimes take for granted.

Incontinence after pregnancy - Kegel exercises required

Pregnancy is a tedious process but what's even more difficult is the recovery process after which. More often than not, our body has handled some irreversible damages and we are unable to remain youthful, such as the elasticity of the skin and the size of the hips.

One other thing I noticed that inconvenienced me greatly is incontinence.

Probably require adult diapers as well