5 reasons why you should start online shopping

Online shopping is a way of life for many of us, especially for working adults and that makes up around 26% of the population. There is still a large portion of the population who is not into buying things online and I don't understand why.

The cheapest diapers in Singapore!

I always think that diapers are very much overpriced but super necessary. Ask me to use reusable diapers and wash the poop and urine every day, I will not do it, I would rather pay for disposable diapers. However, as with all things, they should be made cheaper because we change diapers so frequently at every 2 to 3 hours. I blogged about it previously that Huggies Total Protection Silver Pants is one of the cheapest and bought them from MyCK stores for my elder daugher.

3 lessons I learnt from my kids

These days, I am busy teaching my daughters all kinds of things. I corrected my elder daughter's pronunciation, questioned her on alphabets and quizzed her on colours. The different types of transportation, why lizards can climb on walls and how there are no monsters in the world, those are just some questions parents have to answer every day. For the younger daughter, she is just learning to walk and feed herself but you can see she is eager to grow faster so as to run and play with her sister.

Do you like to work?

Some days, my daughter love school so much she looked forward to going to her lessons even on weekends. Other days, she cried so much and clung on to us before her teachers dragged her away. The teachers also take it personally that she does not like to go to school on those days and asked me why.

Self employment - A year in review

My business is now more than 1 year old! Time flies and I can't believe I survived a test of ups and downs. I can't say it was an easy time because it was definitely a steep learning curve working in my own business but this past year was definitely rewarding.

Second kid is much easier

They always say the first is the toughest and most difficult for everything. The first love, the first kiss, the first pregnancy, the first labor, the first child.

I dismissed it previously as a ploy to get me to give birth to more babies.

Why Cord blood banking is unnecessary

This is not such a hot topic because only 1 out of my many friends went for it. Most would-be parents would see the sales promoters in clinics or being shoved a brochure on this issue. Let us find out in depth what cord blood bank really is and you can decide if you really need it for your child.

The biggest regret for most people

Work takes up a huge part of the conversations nowadays because the other half is about family. But with single friends, it is all about work and career. Most are particularly interested in my start up business and with good reason, I am the first to venture on my own.

Many thought that venturing on our own is to want to make it big, do IPO and create a disruptive technology.

How to regain your pre-pregnancy weight

3 out of 4 mothers gained weight after a year of giving birth.

There are several factors contributing to weight gain but the main thing is a lifestyle change. During pregnancy, we are used to having several snacks as we get hungry often. We can't work out much so we are used to these few months of sedentary lifestyle and higher consumption. Not just that, with a baby coming along and having to breastfeed, it's not easy to find time to keep fit. Coupled with stress and lack of sleep, no wonder mothers are gaining weight after pregnancy!

Well, we do really need to change that if you care about your figure and looks.

It's not just for superficial reasons. You also feel good and confident if you are in control of your weight. You can even go back to wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes and that is definitely a morale booster. Your partner will be very happy too.

Do you really need baby or maternity insurance?

From my parenting talk with DBS NAV, this was the question that was asked several times and I don't think I had enough time for an elaborate answer. I thought it through and feel it would benefit more people if I explain why I did not buy maternity insurance here.

I am going to use PRUfirst gift as an example so that I can explain in details, not that I recommend Prudential over other insurance companies but because I have a close Prudential friend to clarify all the information.