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Welcome to the world of investing where losing money is learning and winning money does not mean that you are doing it right =/

I would advise you to start scrolling through these links:
SGX - The prices of all the stocks
SGX tool - To screen out stocks
Investopedia - All explanations, formula, definitiions.. check out fundamental and technical analysis)
The Finance - To read up on Singapore investment blogs everyday
Yahoo Finance -  To get all the fundamental indices like PE ratio, NAV, EPS... without calculating yourself. (I used to do it manually and then I find it silly after I found this website)

First book to read: Rich dad poor dad

It's also my first investing book that prompted me to start going deeper into investing. Although the author is not as successful anymore, the essence of the book is to invest and know how to work your money; or make your money work for you.

On where to open an account to start trading:

Standard Chartered SCB - The cheapest rates and good to reduce expenses. However, take note that you have to put in money first to invest and the stocks are held by Standard Chartered bank and not in your CDP account)
POEMS (Philips Capital) -I am using this, but charges are quite standard. Just that they are accessible in every neighbourhood and I have no issues with it at all)
All the banks like DBS and UOB also have their own trading platform.

Enjoy and research first, wait for 3 months before you take the plunge. Or if you like adventures, just go for it and you will research more on it once your money is at stake.


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