The ultimate price comparison of Integrated Shield Plans (Updated Oct 2018)

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Due to the recent price increase for NTUC and AXA, I had to do an overhaul of the comparison table, plus some minor price changes for other insurance companies too. In the future, there will not be any 100% coverage or as-charged plans anymore, after the recent government's announcement on the changes. I hope the next update I can bring you, is the comparison table that has 5% co-payment.

A reminder, please remember to include the Medisave charges for Medishield Life so that your final bill will come up to the same as my tables.

On top of the Medisave charges incurred from the above table, these numbers are the additional amount you have to pay if you decide to buy the private health insurance. These figures are only for Singaporeans and PR only. AIA did not post the figures online for age above 75 so it's under NA while Prudential does not have as-charged (which means 100% cover of co-payment and deductibles) coverage for ward B1 and below. Ok, I shall let the figures do the talking.

As usual, the above tables give the breakdown in terms of the amount you will need to pay through Medisave and by cash. It's too small so you got to click on the picture to see it in bigger size. The boxes highlighted in orange is the most affordable while the boxes in yellow are the second most affordable. For the final amount, the tables are stated below:

Under private hospitals, with the increase from NTUC, they are no longer the most pocket-friendly. AXA is the cheapest with Great Eastern being the second.

Under Ward A government hospitals, AXA and Great Eastern are both still good choices to hold on to.

Under Ward B1 and below, AXA is still the champion but NTUC is a close second.

What it means for me
My family and I are still sticking with our Great Eastern Total Health Gold A Plus policies unless there is any further price changes. I will be the first to switch to the 5% co-payment policies when they are announced.

Hope you are as eager as I am to pay lesser on health premiums!

Please do not trust my calculations and look through the various benefits and policies that you have. I do not recommend any insurance companies because I get zero commission from this. Like me on Facebook to get more updates on relevant financial comparisons.


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