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I used to blog very often as seen from all the previous posts. Those were the times blogging was first introduced. Almost everyone have a blog and it was cool to link up all your friends and check out their latest updates.

Nowadays, I don't think they update their blogs anymore.

Anyway, back to the present. I am quite impressed with how BlogSpot has become so user friendly and on the available statistics counters on traffic and traffic sources. There is no need for knowledge of html anymore, for adding new gadgets like web counter, for starting a new line, and I think it makes me excited to start!
As an introduction, I wanted to blog as I feel that I can share about my travel and work experience, my investing journey and my simple cooking methods. I am an avid reader of most financial blogs but I cannot find many female voice in investing. I believe a feminine perspective will be interesting, but I am not a financial guru, nor have I earned big bucks on stocks.

My old posts are all about love, friends, schools, exams... It will be a completely different blog from now onwards... Mostly about travels, invests and my thoughts on things!


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  1. Hi Jes,

    I find it interesting that you decided to keep your old articles and continue using the same blog.

    Went through some of your old posts (sorry if I am voyeuring) and felt quite a big of nostalgia when you were bitching about exams and teachers.

    Can identify with you since we are about the same age. =p

  2. Hi 15HWW,

    We are definitely the same age :) although your portfolio is far higher than me.

    Many asked me why I don't just start a new blog but I feel wasteful to throw my old bitching posts away.. I like to read those to see how i used to write and some are really quite interesting huh. It's part of me even though it's very childish hahaha.