My 2 bedder experience at Mount Alvernia Hospital

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This time round, I decided to stay at 2 bedders in Mount Alvernia because my husband will not be staying with me overnight. That was the main reason why I took up a 1 bedder ward. Now. he has to take care of my toddler daughter so I am all alone in the hospital. To have someone's company seems acceptable to me and I can save some money in the meantime.

I don't relish the prospect of staying in a hospital room alone, but that's just me.

I thought things would not so comfortable as it's a shared bathroom. However, most pregnant mums thought they should not drink water to reduce water retention, which is why I was mostly the one who frequents the toilet.

Other than that, the space is a bit cramped but sufficient for your family to visit. During my first night, I was getting ready to sleep at around 10+pm but was shocked to suddenly hear a guy's voice at the bed beside me. Turns out the guy fell asleep and I can understand that the husband wants to accompany the wife. However, visiting hours was long over at 830pm and I don't feel comfortable having a guy in the room while I breastfeed to the wee hours. Eventually the nurse came in and chased away the visitor.

I thought I could finally have a peaceful night but alas, snorings could be heard. Oh dear!

Mt Alvernia 2018 maternity package
Unable to sleep like this, I have no choice but to request a change of room. Luckily the curtains of both needs were always drawn so I don't have to feel guilty changing the room. Fortunately the new ward was empty which means I get to sleep in a 2-bedder without any neighbours. Sweet! It felt kind of lonely though so luckily someone checked in to the other bed on my second night.

Anyway, if you are someone who prefers to sleep alone, or is a light sleeper and likes privacy and can afford it, just stay in a single bedder. If you want your partner to stay over in the hospital with you, then you will have to stay in a single bedder too. I paid $4,500 for my first pregnancy. The difference is around $1000, amounting to around $3,500 cash for my 2 bedder (Natural birth without epidural). Do take note that the comfort level of the mother matters so much more than money!

Food wise, it was still as good as I expected. Super love their chicken pie and confinement meals especially pork ribs but not a fan of their congee and scrambled eggs.

Confinement meals at Mt Alvernia
I was quite ravenous with all the breastfeeding going on and brought along my nuts for some snacking. Yet, I still requested for the hospital's standard snack, which is milo with biscuits. Everything tasted terribly good, especially the hot milo.

I was just super glad to have less of a burden walking around even though I was still bleeding down there.

The nurses are as usual very attentive and nice. I got to know all the familiar faces when they push my baby to me for breastfeeding. Most of the nurses are so young and not married, which is quite surprising to me. Some people say nurses do not give good service or attention to patients who stay in lower class wards, I strongly disagree. Personally for me, it's totally untrue.

I actually conversed with them more this time round because I was alone and prefer some conversations from time to time. I was curious on their working hours, if they have children, what other weird situations they have encountered as nurses. They were all super nice, kudos to them for entertaining me.

Highly recommend Mount Alvernia to all mothers!

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