10 super good deals to grab from Shopee (Exclusive insider info from seller!)

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Right now, if you have not heard of Shopee, you are definitely losing out. With huge marketing budget and a clean, fuss-free online platform, it is no wonder that Shopee is the fastest growing platform, not just in Singapore, but also the whole of South East Asia.

Being a seller myself, there are many excellent deals that even I myself am excited to join. Have you heard of those deals that are wiped out in 2 seconds flat? Let me elaborate more below. Take a look at the top 10 deals you should definitely check out:

1) Million Dollar Discounts
What this means is that the seller or retailer will set their best price. Additionally, Shopee will further subsidise a small amount to give incredible good prices, such that you can't get a better price elsewhere. Products range from electronics to beauty products and they change every day. Their main aim is simple, to get you to buy through their platform.

2) Flash deals
This is different from Million Dollar Discounts above as these are the best deals submitted by the merchants without any additional support by Shopee. A lot of my friends ask me if the flash deals are really worth it. I would have to say YES! It's the best price offered by the sellers and we have to pay $30 for a flash deal slot. You bet we have to make them attractive deals so it's good to take a look every now and then. You can also go to your favourite shop's page and see if they have any upcoming flash deals coming on. There is a Remind Me button for you to set reminder when the deals come on, that's only available through the Shopee App on mobile though.

During Mega Sales day, you will be able to find incredible deals on the flash deal page. 200g baked almonds at $1.99 with free shipping to your house? That's an incredible deal and which is why it was snapped up in 2 seconds flat. Mind you, they also have 4 sanitary masks at $2 and other awesome deals! Pity I always can't seem to get my hands on those, I also want to buy them myself!

3) Free Money
Free money? There is no such thing but there is definitely free coins on Shopee. Every day, you can collect coins from Shopee, and every 7th day, it will be 10 coins! 1 coin is equivalent to 1 cents, which you can use to offset your purchase. No wonder we have customers who do not have to pay a single cent for our nuts!

Have you ever wished that the games you are playing can  translate into more tangible prices? Now you really have these games on Shopee where you can win coins and get free products! It's fun, addictive and best part of all, you generate money! I personally love their Trivia where you can try to answer as many questions as possible like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. It's nerve wrecking and challenging and I can't seem to win the grand prize.... argh!

4) Shopee Mum's Club
Being a mum myself, I love these online deals as they ship bulk items like formula milk and baby's diapers straight to my house. It's easy enough to get the vouchers and hit the minimum, and on top of that, Shopee even subsidise the shipping cost for some sellers (and also SnackFirst), which means that the usual price of $1.49 shipping fee is waived!

5) Shopee Alcohol VIP Club
Similar to the Mum's club but not just for mummies, Shopee also have the alcohol VIP club for people who love their liquor! There are monthly exclusive vouchers and giveaways, plus it's so convenient to find all the booze in 1 location.
Psst: Check out this page for alcohol offers that are actually cheaper than Duty Free Shops, so there is no reason you need to fly to lead the high life.

6) Bulk Buys
Similar to going to NTUC Warehouse Club at Joo Koon, this is where you can buy things in bulk and definitely at a reduced price. Instead of going outside where there should be physical and social distancing right now, buying from Shopee means you don't have to brave the queues and lug home a big carton. Especially so for ice cream and canned food, you will see that prices are really competitive and shopping is really convenient. Please don't hoard though!

7) $1 lucky draw
Honestly, I have never been lucky. I have never won lottery or lucky draw and it's ok. The icing on top of the cake is, you don't even have to spend a single cent to enter the lucky draw! For these $1 lucky draw, you just have to pay $1 first. If you don't win and that's frequently for me, Shopee will refund the $1 back to you in 100 Shopee coins and you get to spend them for your online purchases.

I am still waiting for my lucky day!

8) Grab/ Foodpanda vouchers
If you are someone who laments the loss of promotional codes due to the exit of Uber, then you should definitely check this out. These vouchers are always available and you will receive the codes through Shopee instantly. I personally love the GrabFood vouchers because they can even be used to offset the delivery amount, which means the total food bill plus delivery is slightly cheaper with these vouchers. I like to order Long John Silvers on Monday, where they have 1-for-1 Nachos Cheese Dip with 2 piece chicken meal at $7.70. Add the $3 delivery and deducting the $1.40 discount for the $10 voucher code, you only pay $9.30 for 2 meals, even cheaper than eating at the shop, sweet!

These are sold by Shopee so you don't have to worry these are scams. There are also movie tickets and dining vouchers so you can save a few bucks while enjoying life.

9) Discount tickets to Singapore Attractions
Thanks to COVID-19, we see a lot of 1-for-1 offers for dining and to enjoy our local attractions. However without these promotions, going to the zoo with my family of 4 is quite expensive at $39 per adult and $26 a child. That adds up to $146 for just 6 to 8 hours of fun and tram rides. One tip is to buy the tickets online! For a family of 4, you can easily get $50 discounts and that makes it more worth while!

Not just the zoo, there are discounts for Jewel Canopy park, SEA aquarium, Wings of Time, cable car, Gardens by the Bay and even universal studios! Buy online, save time queuing, save money some more.

10) Bank Promotions
On top of the seller discounts and vouchers, you can stack them with bank promotions to sweeten the whole deal! It's usually Thursday for DBS card members where you can get a further $12 discounts by paying using their credit card. Sunday is more for Citibank members and during mega sales week like 9.9 and 11.11, all the bank are having promotions! One thing to note is that you need to purchase as early as possible in the morning because there are limited redemption available.

Now you know why people like to shop online at 12am!

How do you know if a seller is reliable?
This is the question I get from my mum and I am sure many people who are new to online shopping will ask. My mum particularly thinks all online sellers (excluding me, haha) are scammers because it is unlikely that her beauty products are much cheaper on Shopee than at departmental stores.
Here are 3 things you should look out for:

1) Reviews - Quantity and ratings
The more reviews means the more products sold. The better ratings means the feedback of the product is good!
2) Number of products
Listing products are troublesome so only serious sellers will list more than 50 products.
3) Shopee Mall
Shopee is strict to sellers when we fail to deliver promptly or cancel the orders, particularly for Shopee Mall sellers like us. Shopee Mall sellers are authenticated by Shopee to be reliable sellers and we have to abide by their rules for even the picture background. All these penalties are costly to the sellers especially when we can't get the campaign support from them. These are very advantageous to consumers as they protect the customers from irresponsible sellers. You can lodge a complaint, return a faulty product or extend Shopee warranty. All these are excellent tools to allow users to shop in peace.

Why online shopping can save you more money than retail shopping?
I have blogged before about this. To answer my mum and all the skeptics, here are 3 reasons why online shopping is cheaper.
1) There is no rental costs involved. To give you a gauge, retail space cost at least $10,000 a month, so you got to mark up higher to cover the cost.
2) Parallel imports from overseas is much cheaper because you bypass the exporters, distributors and resellers. Supermarkets charge 30% of your revenue so for example, a $1 item after changing hands many times, would cost around $5 in order to be profitable. Online platforms enable you to go straight to the manufacturer and cut out the middle man.
3) Shopee does absorbs the shipping cost for SnackFirst and pushes sellers to give good deals! Sometimes, they will even subsidise and make the deals even sweeter, price even lower, and those deals cannot be found elsewhere.

Ultimately, you get seller discounts, shopee discounts and vouchers, plus bank promotions, you can get up to 50% off! Daebak! If you are not buying through Shopee right now, you are definitely losing out.


This post is done in collaboration with Shopee but the views are solely my own. Do click on the links to help me out! :)


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