5 reasons why you should start online shopping

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Online shopping is a way of life for many of us, especially for working adults and that makes up around 26% of the population. There is still a large portion of the population who is not into buying things online and I don't understand why.

Here are 5 reason to convince your parents and more friends to start buying things online:

1) Maximum freshness is guaranteed
One of the great benefits of selling online is that I can keep my stocks fresh. Take for example the snacks from us. We keep them in the fridge and air-tight containers and keep them as well-sealed and shaded as possible. When there is a purchase, the stocks will then be packed into individual bags and boxes, which means you get maximum freshness from us! This is a better situation than retail stores because for retail shopping, you need to display it before people will buy them. Snacks are usually displayed at ambient temperature and storage units are not air-tight so that people can see and buy them. Many a times slow moving stocks get stale and rancid easily and they don't retain the same freshness.

We ensure great quality so that people will keep coming back to us. Freshness is really a huge factor!

2) Delivery right to your doorstep
If you are a parent, you would understand how delivery is so important. More so if you do not have a car. Diapers, toilet rolls, wet wipes, milk powder, groceries, all are so bulky and heavy. If you have to go groceries shopping with a kid, you would know how tough it is to carry so many things and sometimes, you have to carry the kid too. It is just way too much work. Online shopping solves all that as you can purchase things without a screaming kid in tow. 10kg rice, 5kg diapers, 5kg snacks? No problem.

Many sellers like us also do free shipping, definitely a big plus!

3) You don't need to consult anyone else
So many of us ask friends for recommendation on a certain brand because we don't know which is good. Sometimes it gets so frustration because not everyone has tried the same! For example formula milk powder and diaper brands, we have no idea which brand is good so we ask around for others' opinion. Online reviews will do just that. Only certified buyers are able to input their feedback and many of the reviews are very constructive! Plus, because you can easily compare online, that makes it so competitive and beneficial to the consumers.

You literally have hundreds of people's opinions up there for you to consider.

4) Buying online saves money
Retail space cost money and a good location with a decent size cost at least $5,000. Rental is a key factor why many of the big names like Carrefour, Forever 21 and Borders get eliminated so easily! As there are no rental expenses from online retailers, the consumers will be able to benefit from a lower price! Not just that, as delivery is usually done for a minimal sum, consumers are able to buy in bulk and that makes perfect 'cents'. Buying in bulk is win-win because you get the cheapest price possible and most times, it can go even cheaper than supermarkets.

No rental cost and bulk purchase means you definitely get cheaper stuff online.

5) Buying online is a lot cheaper
Not just that, online platforms are dangling cart coupons, vouchers, sales and all sorts of promotions to entice you to buy online! Additionally, there are flash sales, time sale and group buys that are just great buys and with at least 30% discounts! Banks are joining in by giving you discounts when you purchase using their credit cards so you are getting things so much cheaper. I usually get $10 vouchers from platforms and another $10 from credit card so it's 20% off a $100 purchase. The discounts get bigger during mega sales campaigns like 9/9 and 11/11! Score!

Online platforms do not allow sellers to hike up the price and give discounts, so all those huge fire sale are definitely legit... it's just incredible.

I get it, a lot of the people who do not do online shopping gives "I don't know how to do it" as an excuse. It's the top reason I get when customers call me to buy snacks from us but have never bought online before. However, it is really simple with just a credit card. I just have to send you an email and you just got to follow the instructions to pay. It is as fuss free as possible and after the first time, I am seeing increasingly more senior customers purchasing online.

I believe the numbers will only keep going up because online shopping is really easy. Plus it saves money, what other reasons do you need?


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  1. Hi Temperament,

    I think old dogs just need some time to learn new tricks but does not mean impossible! My parents took 3 years before they embrace Facebook and now they are playing and posting more than me. I think it will take even more time for them to change their shopping habits.

    COD is good but unfortunately, we employ third party courier who do not accept COD. Self collection is also good if we have a retail shop, but we do not have that yet. We are definitely working towards it.

    Having said all that, I am receiving more calls from Aunties and Uncles! I have confidence in you especially because you can set up a computer from scratch, which I can't! That means you are curious and smart enough la, keep trying! :)


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