The cheapest diapers in Singapore!

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I always think that diapers are very much overpriced but super necessary. Ask me to use reusable diapers and wash the poop and urine every day, I will not do it, I would rather pay for disposable diapers. However, as with all things, they should be made cheaper because we change diapers so frequently at every 2 to 3 hours. I blogged about it previously that Huggies Total Protection Silver Pants is one of the cheapest and bought them from MyCK stores for my elder daugher.

Recently, I found an even cheaper brand imported from MyCK. Introducing Baby Diary diapers:

At $10.90 per bag, $9.90 when on promotion. There are 70 pieces for M size (6-11kg), 60 pieces for L size (9-14kg), 56 pieces for XL (12 - 17kg), this amounts to only $0.155, $0.181, $0.194 per piece for M, L and XL respectively. This price is calculated based on $10.90, you don't even have to buy in bulk and it easily trounce the cheapest Drypers Wee Wee Dry from the table below!

If it's on sale at $9.90, even cheaper then so stock up more!

Comparison of baby diapers

Unfortunately, they only have the tape version and not the pants version. Even though my elder daughter is potty trained, she continues to wear Huggies Pants at night. My baby daughter started using Baby Diary diapers from second month onwards because she is quite a big baby and switched to M size very early on. Surprisingly, she has never had any diaper rash incidents. Ironically, my older daugher who used to try Goo.n, Mamypoko and Drypers have occasional diaper rash. It could be that my older daughter has more sensitive skin.

I don't really understand why some of my friends have to buy diapers that are Made in Japan. For me, I don't see any difference, except burning a hole in your pocket. Though they swear by its comfort and usefulness, I still prefer to save a few dollars which can ultimately add up to quite a bit. I always joke that their kids have high class premium butts but seriously, if your kid can only take a certain brand, stick with it.

I know how parents want to give the best or the most expensive things to the children but for these disposable things, it might not make any difference to your children. I don't think cheap products are definitely lousy ones, so you just have to give it a try.

On a sidenote, shopping at MyCk store is a definite sign that I am an auntie now. Haha!
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