5 best confinement food and snacks

Mums have a tough life.

After the painful delivery of a baby, they have to go through a confinement period which is hot, sweaty, painful, bloody and exhausting. It just seems unfair that mummies have to handle so much at one shot. Nonetheless, confinement food need to be healthy and nourishing to replenish the blood and nutrients lost. These are the top confinement food regularly consumed:
1) Meat and fish - Chicken, pork, beef, salmon 
The best source of iron comes from meat and fish so it is highly encouraged to eat them. We do not absorb as much iron from other food which is why you have to eat more meat during this confinement period. Salmon is especially good for the high proteins (Helps wound to recover faster), DHA (brain boosting nutrients) and zinc content. Zinc content is especially useful and helps to fight post-partum depression. Usually pregnant mums stay away from raw fish but after delivery, go ahead and have a sashimi party!
2) Fruits - Banana, avocado, papaya, dried apricots, citrus fruits
New mummies cannot have cold food so these fruits should be left in room temperature for a while. Papaya and avocado helps to boost breast milk production, banana give you source of energy, apricots and raisin give high iron content while citrus fruits are a rich source of Vitamins C to help to repair your wounds.  
3) Vegetables - Spinach, broccoli, leafy ones
Dark green, leafy vegetables like spinach, bokchoy, caixin contains high iron content, great for post partum recovery. Most also have high Vitamin C that allow the iron content to be well absorbed into our body. These nutrients are definitely needed to be replenished in our bodies.
4) Nuts and seeds - Cashew, pine nuts, chia. sunflower and pumpkin seeds 
Eat nuts high in iron to replenish blood and zinc for better moods. It is even better because you can lose some pregnancy weight with the intake of nuts. The most iron containing nuts are cashew, pine, hazelnut, almonds but they still contain lesser iron than seedsRaw nuts are not easily found in supermarkets so be sure to get the jumbo bags from us!
5) Grains, beans - Chickpeas, edamame, beans
Grains have been known to be nourishing and high in proteins. They are not so common in our food but do make it a point to incorporate some during confinement as they are also high in iron content. You can also try our black beans as snacks or added into soups. 
Confinement was the toughest period in my life and I strongly feel food can play a large role for mummies to heal and recover and make up for the loss of sleep. It should also bring us some happiness and enjoyment. Last but not least, mummies need to be strong and healthy in order to take good care of the little one. Stay healthy, eat healthy!

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Formula vs cow milk for babies

After the comparison of the price for different brands of formula milk, I started asking why toddlers have to continue drinking formula milk. I understand that for babies below 1 year old, they cannot digest cow milk due to the high amount of proteins. Formula milk is designed to have similar proteins as breast milk, high irons and AA/DHA which is more suitable for infant development and easy digestion.

The myth is that formula contains more nutrients than cow milk.

Cow milk actually has higher proteins and calcium than formula milk. Formula also contains more sugar than cow milk. However, cow milk do contains lesser amount of iron, Vitamin A, C and D. Luckily, these nutrients are easily found and absorbed in solid food. If your child is eating enough of solid food, there is no need to drink formula milk. Cow milk is more than sufficient and with the high amount of calcium, it will be a great source of vitamins to grow of strong bones.

"Many parents are also unaware that they can make the switch to cow's milk after their children turn one." -Straits Times.

Before making the switch, I was also doubtful like all parents. After all, none of the parents in my infant care are drinking cow milk. Even my parents wanted me to continue with formula milk because they think that formula has more nutrients.

With a vaccination coming up, I asked the nurses and the PD. Both said that switching to cow milk is a good idea. If the child is eating well, then I can go ahead to change. With the professional approval, I can't wait to change formula to cow milk.

Recently, my child has started choosing to take more solid food instead of drinking milk. She prefers to eat on her own and her milk consumption has dropped. During infant care, she has 3 bottles x 180ml of formula on top of a bowl of solid food in the afternoon. After 18 months, when she will be 'promoted' from infant care to Playgroup, the daily schedule is to have 2 solid meals and only 1 bottle of milk. Thus, the weaning off milk is a good thing. The nutrients from solid food will also complement well with the nutrients from cow milk.

Not to forget, cow milk is also much cheaper than formula. However, if formula milk was proven to be better for my child, I would never want to save the extra dollars. I, like all parents, would want to give the best to my child. The cheapest brand for formula milk which is Friso, cost $86 for a 1.8kg which requires 5 scoops for 180ml. A common brand of cow milk is Nespray instant milk powder. At 1.8kg, it cost around $35 and only requires 2 scoops for 180ml milk.

A 180ml bottle of cow milk ($0.19) actually cost 6 times lesser than formula milk ($1.19)!

After letting my child sip a few cups of fresh milk, I tested it out with a few bottles of cow milk. Thankfully, all is well, I have now decided to switch fully to cow milk. She is now 15 months. If your child prefers the taste of formula or has any medical conditions, the PD will advise you to continue with formula milk.

Don't be mistaken, there is no harm in continuing on with formula milk. For me, I just think it makes no sense to continue feeding her with formula milk when it has less calcium, more sugar and yet more expensive.

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EatDreamLove review on SnackFirst

Snack First (snackfirst.com) is founded by a fellow blogger Jes (simplyjesme.blogspot.sg) and Lucas. They love munching on nuts and seeds when they were travelling overseas. Thats where they got the inspiration and created Snack First. Snack First offers snacks are delicious yet can give you lots of nutritional benefits. The natural occurring antioxidants and other vitamins found in them can help to delay aging, fight cancer and lost weight. Snack First offers Free Shipping in Singapore!

Many thanks to Snack First for the lovely cookies and nuts. 

Amazing Almond Cookies (杏仁曲奇饼) Delicious Crunchy Cookies From Malaysia. My favourite! I am an Almond nut lover. They have many nutritional benefits and antioxidants. Love the fragrant crunchy and nutty texture. Heard that it may be able to boost milk supply for mummies . Sound like a delicious way for mummies like me. It is Halal certified with no MSG, Trans-Fat and Preservatives. 

They also offer other types of cookies like Chocolate Chip Cookies and Delightful Bangkit Cookies. Sound so Delicious. 

Brown eyes Almonds (烤杏仁) Almonds from USA and Roasted in Singapore. The nuts are roasted in Singapore as this will help to prevent early rancidity which enables longer preservation. Delicious rich nutty crunch. Understand that almonds are highly recommended for breastfeeding mothers as it has the high amount of dietary fiber and Calcium. There is also no MSG, trans-fat or preservatives used. 


They also offer other delicious nuts like Creamy Macadamia (Baked) and Smiley Cashew (Baked). 


Wholesome Original Granola from Indonesia (原味格兰诺拉麦片) When I am in a rush to make breakfast, I love to make myself a healthy and hearty bowl of granola. Quick and Nutritious. Snack First's Wholesome Original Granola is filled with Rolled oats, cinnamon, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, rice crispies, palm sugar, maple syrup, oil, dried cranberries. A great mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. All my favourites. There is no preservatives or artificial ingredients.A great Source of protein and dietary fiber. 


They also offer other flavours like Energizing Banana Granola and Addictive Chocolate Granola. 


Shiok Wasabi Peanuts Love the mildly spicy with a zesty unami flavour! Super Addictive! Definitely a MUST-TRY for wasabi lovers. It is also Halal certified. 


Oishi Japanese Nuts The peanuts are encased in a variety of different hard, crunchy, sweet flour shell. A good mix that offers different flavours and textures. It is also Halal certified. 


Sambal Shrimp Rolls (Hae Bi Hiam) Our All-Time Family Favourite Snack! It is so Addictive! Spicy, and Crunchily SHIOK! 


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Enjoy your Snacks Shopping~ I am sure your loved ones will love these.
Above information is for reference only. Please always contact Snack First (snackfirst.com) for latest details. 



Disclaimer: This post is written by Eileen on EatDreamLove and first appeared on her blog. Like her on Facebook or follow her on @eatdreamlove on Instagram. Eileen is a very friendly food blogger who is also a new mum like me. I am honoured to get to know her as it seems we are on the same frequency, hitting it off instantly. I like her attitude towards life especially this quote "What's the point of earning more to have bigger house when you are not even inside to enjoy it!" How very apt. 

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