5 things to prepare before your second baby's arrival

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During the second pregnancy, I was more or less used to the state of pregnancy, the discomfort of having a big belly, the morning sickness and all. They say subsequent pregnancies are unlike first pregnancy, time seems to fly past. I agree, I don't monitor my baby's growth as closely anymore and are more nonchalant about my growing belly. Many baby items can be re-used and it was great on saving money, I actually did not buy any maternity clothes too.

However there are still many things to be done. Top on the list is telling your first born about the incoming arrival of the second child. He or she may not know what is happening yet, but it's good to get them used to the concept of a sibling. Moreover, you will need to transit her to toddler things so that your newborn can use those baby stuff.

Here are 5 things I did in preparation of a second child:

1) Go through my 20 essential things to get before baby's arrival
I bought another set of cot bedding because the old one was tattered. Milk bottles and teats were also replenished. 1 tin of NTUC Fairprice Gold Step 1 formula milk and 2 packs of S size diaper were on stand by. I plan to breastfeed but I will not know if my breast milk supply is sufficient so I like to have a back up plan. S size diapers (3 - 8kg) are roughly similar price to NB diapers (Up to 5kg) so I only bought S size since the hospital will also give a pack of NB diapers for free.

Wash all the clothes that have been in storage, clear out my store room and check that my Spectra S1 breast pump is still working after I loan them to 2 other friends. All is good!

Drypers S Diapers - $25.80
Gold Step 1 formula milk - $29

2) Check with the infant care centre on a wait list
The administrative staff in my daughter's child care knew I was pregnant and straight away placed my baby on a wait list for the infant care. This is in case of a full house but as the sibling is in the same centre, you will usually get priority.

Alternatively, I do know some people who would want to change to a maid. This is the time to start looking around for baby sitting or helper options.

3) Upgrade first born to toddler's bed
Honestly, my toddler no longer wants to sleep in a cot anymore after 18 months. I bought a toddler's bed from IKEA for her but every night, she would rather climb into our bed and sleep with us. In any case, the cot has been unused for quite long. Parents might want to take the step to upgrade your toddler to free up the cot.

Kritter bed frame  + bed + sheets = $99 + $80 + 10 = $189

4) Car seat / Stroller
I bought a new car seat for the toddler and made the change a few months before the birth of the second child. It's cheaper to get a car seat for the toddler than the baby as the baby booster seat has to be able to turn back-facing. A booster seat is also possible but I don't find them as comfortable and children like to sleep in between car journeys.

One reason to make the change earlier is to let my toddler have time to get used to changes one at a time and second reason is to not let her feel that everything is going to the baby or that the baby is snatching things away from her. So, the earlier the transition, the better.

For others without a car, you will probably rely more on stroller or another carrier. Take a look at those twin or double stroller during sales season. I have not been using my baby carrier K'Tan and stroller for a year now, so it's time to clean them up and check if they can still be used.

Car seat from Taobao - $100

5) Baby chair to booster chair 
My daughter was happily sitting on booster chair while we were having vacation at Club Med. That gave me the idea to buy a booster chair for her while she is having meals at home. The baby chair will then be freed up for the newborn. Alternatively, just buy another baby chair!

Booster chair - $20 - $40

All in all, plus miscellaneous baby items, I spent around $400 in preparation for the second child. Half the expenses compared to the $1000 I spent on my first child. Remember to always reuse all the baby items, they should be pretty durable with your child outgrowing them so fast!

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    1. Hi Unintelligent Nerd,

      Thank you! Expanding family, expanding waistline, hahaha! :)

  2. Hi Jes,

    Haha, my kid is now sleeping on the floor.. he felt once from the bed as he was too climby when he got older. Thought it's safer for him to sleep on the ground thus. So now very cute, when he is sleepy, he'll just take his pillow and go dive into his mattress which is on the ground. Save me one step to put him in bed lol

    1. Hi LP,

      Wah you so lucky. My daughter refuse to sleep on her own toddler bed, every night climb in with us. I gave up carrying her back to her bed after 6 months, haha! And she fell 4 times from our bed so we have to lay a mattress on the floor to prevent serious injury. They say sons are more independent and I really believe it! :P