To shave or not: The big question before delivery

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I have had many friends asking me this question, which I have never thought would even be a concern in their mind with so many other more pressing baby issues. Most of them felt embarrassed to be 'hairy' down there and would go for a shave or even a Brazilian wax before delivery, or even before a gynaecologist meeting.

I heard from a few friends that some nurses also made sure you are well shaved by providing you with a shaver before delivery. However, I did not encounter that at all. In fact, there are some articles saying that we should not shave beyond 36 weeks' of pregnancy in case of infection.

I did not do so right before my first pregnancy because it was the furthest thing on my mind. Most women's pubic hair is not a lot so it did not really matter to me what the gynaecologist thinks.

However, I am more conscious now and would make a point shave at 36 weeks, after being asked by these friends.

Shaving before delivery is an old practice and hospitals would no longer force you to shave due to the fear of infection now. If you shave regularly due to hygiene reasons, think again. There are articles proving that a pubic shave actually contributes to more infections and even sexually transmitted diseases. That is because our pubic hair keeps out dust and other debris from irritating our private parts. Interesting right, I didn't know how important they are too.

Not forgetting the itch when the hair grows back. I have had many times when it was so itchy, or likely that I have some cuts causing the itch. So I think it's not really necessary to shave it all bare or even wax it. Just keep it neat and out of the way will do.

I guess trimming would be more appropriate just before delivery.

Regardless of what you prefer, don't worry, you wouldn't have much time to be conscious of your pubic hair.

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