Spectra S1 breast pump review

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I can now write this review because I have got some feedback on the Spectra S1 vs Medela Free style. The prices of these 2 vary significantly so actually it's not a fair comparison. At my time of purchase, Spectra S1 cost around $220 while Medela Free style is about $1150, as seen in Lazada.
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Now when my friends all tell me that Spectra S1 is better than Medela Free style, I was shocked. I did not expect a cheaper product to come out tops. I was just expecting S1 to be a value for money product.

So you see, not all expensive things are good.

Anyway, back to basics first. Why do we need breast pumps? The mothers before our generation will not know anything about this because this is quite a modern invention. This comes hand in hand when the experts started encouraging more mothers to breastfeed.

Dual pump is better because time is on the essence especially when you are a new mum. Be productive and save on the time to sleep more. Breast pump enables mums to rest and someone else to take over the feeding. It also helps when you have over supply of milk. It is essential to pump frequently when you need to build up your supply at the initial stage to match the growing baby's appetite. It is vital when you have nipple pain or other latch problems so pumping has to take over.

Compared to Medela, S1 is better as the pumping action is soothing and not overly intrusive. You get more milk supply due to the suction and there are more modes of suction to choose from. If you want a good pump for home use then S1 is really good. M1 and S9 are for bringing out as it is light weight and small sized but do take note that the pump will not be as strong. Why I bought S1 as compared to S2 is because I can pump while watching the TV or on the bed so for me,  the rechargeable battery is necessary.

You will surely feel like a cow for the first few months so lucky there are these inventions to help you get through the days. Hang in there!
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Disclaimer: I don't get any commission from recommending any brands so just to share things that have benefited me and help all other new mums to save some money.


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