My second labour pains and delivery story

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As your pregnancy approaches week 37 and above, your tummy is getting exponentially bigger and heavier. Getting out of bed is tougher still, and the pressure pressing on the pelvic serves to remind you on the big baby bump.

It's the waiting game.

I kept telling myself the longer it is, the better it is for my baby, as her body will be more developed. I need to remind myself that this physical torture is only temporary. 9 months out of my whole life is nothing, let alone another few more weeks. However, the sleepless nights and constant strain on my back and body is quite a torture.

My first labour was induced as my gynaecologist was going overseas but not my second time round. This time I waited it out, when baby is ready she will come out.

At week 39, there was false contractions on and off. There was a day where the contractions go on for the whole morning and I thought "This is it, baby is coming." But no, lo and behold, contractions stopped suddenly in the afternoon so I just continued on with my day. Disappointing that I have to continue with my big belly for another day but relieved that labour pains and sleepless nights are delayed.

4 days later, the contractions started in the morning again. It was not painful at all and does not get more frequent. The key to differentiating true and false contractions is that true ones will always get more intense in pain and closer in frequency. Having had false alarm previously, I was determined to carry on my day as per normal until I was absolutely sure.

At noon, I got more contractions but it was so irregular that I do not know what to expect. I resolved to wait longer but informed my husband and mother, the baby sitter for my toddler to be on stand by. At around 2pm, the pain started coming strongly. I went for a shower and get ready for the arrival of our bundle of joy.

For all new mothers, don't worry you will have time to prepare your things before you have to head to the hospitals, even if your water bag burst. To have babies being delivered in taxis and with contractions suddenly super painful is really very rare.

I reached Mount Alvernia Hospital at around 3.30pm. After settling into the ward, it was 4pm and the nurse said I was only 4cm dilated. They called the gynaecologist who asked me to take a walk if I could speed things up.

No, definitely not.

Instinctively I knew this familiar pain. This pain that was building up was surely the same I had encountered before, right before I gave birth. It was excruciating and felt like poop was coming out any time now. This could only mean one thing - Baby is coming. I was sure, I know this feeling. I asked the nurse to come back and check again. At 4.10pm, the pain was back-breaking, knee-jerking and unbearable.

This is it.

With just 10 minutes past, my dilated is doubled to 8cm! The nurses quickly set up everything to prepare for the baby's arrival. I was sure my gynaecologist would not have enough time to make it to deliver my baby with just 15 minutes from the nurses' call to him. Luckily, he walked in just as I was delirious with pain. He later told me he had a feeling I would be fast so he had hurried to the hospital.

At 4.30pm, just 15 minutes of labour, my baby was out! Hurray!

It was so much shorter and faster this time round. I remembered it took like 2 more pushes and they could see the baby's head. Incredible! I am thankful for this short pain and attribute it to my weekly swimming routine during pregnancy.

Phew, the sweet music of baby's cryings. It means baby is healthy and out of my body!

I can't wait to get back my mobile body and resume my running. It's only after pregnancy that I do not take my mobility and health for granted anymore. I stayed in a 2 bedder ward this time round. If you are keen to know more, stay tuned to my next post!

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