What to include in a hospital bag for delivery

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By Week 36, you should already have a hospital bag packed and ready to leave at a moment's notice. Although in my case, I had some time to prepare and repack my bags.

What you should bring:
For baby
1) A swaddle
2) 1 set of clothes to go home (does not have to be long sleeve because you are going to bundle them up in a swaddle)
3) Booties and mittens. Hat is optional.
4) Baby car seat installed

For parents
1) At least 3 sets of clothes and pajamas in case of C-sect or staying additional nights due to jaundice in baby. Nursing wear for the mum if necessary. I brought normal t-shirts and just closed the curtains.
2) IC of both and credit card
3) Marriage certificate
4) Gynaecologist's admission letter
5) Prenatal medical receipts of at least $900 to claim for Medisave
6) Jackets for both because it is really cold in the delivery ward
7) Heavy flow sanitary pads - at least 20 pieces to be safe. Heavy flow with wings is better than maternity pads as they are more secure.
8) Disposable underwear - At least 2 packets x 5. A bigger size would be more comfortable.
9) Toiletries for bathing and brushing, shaver
10) Contact lenses, solutions, spectacles
11) Breast pumps and bottles to stimulate production. It cost $20 if you need to loan from the hospital.
12) Hand phone charger
13) Slippers or shoes if necessary
14) Nipple cream and shield can be bought from the hospital if needed
15) Breast pads to contain leaks
16) Snacks for daddy because you will definitely get hungry!

For the deposit amount, check out this post. Take a deep breath, don't panic because you will be going home with a bundle of joy :)


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