Talk on 25 Oct: Financial decisions for first-time parents

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Are you a first time parents or intending to start a family soon? Is your household finances a big issue in your mind and you have some questions on how much it cost to expand your family?

For my first child, when I broke the news of my pregnancy to my partner, his expression was full of excitement and anxiety. Excitement for the bundle of joy yet worried about our expenses. I am sure most men are like that, thinking one step ahead about the finances and how they can handle the additional responsibilities.

Be more prepared and come join me and Thomas (BullyTheBear) as we touch on these topics:
  • What to expect during pregnancy
  • Gynaecologists - What's the cost like?
  • Hospitals – Private vs Subsidized
  • 20 things to buy before baby’s arrivals
  • Financial aids available
  • Pre-natal + Delivery - How much cash is needed?
  • Total cost of raising a child
  • Post delivery – Confinement and other issues
  • Financial planning for your children 

For me, I am not so concerned with the money part not because I am rich, but because I have too many things on my mind. I had to cope with morning sickness and the changes to my weight resulting in a different posture, walking style and sleeping position. The only fun part was shopping online for all the baby stuff!

If you would like to know more about my pregnancy journey and other family issues, see you at DBS NAV hub on 25 Oct, Next Thursday at 730pm. It cost $10 and remember to register here. Plus dinner is included, that's super worth it for just $10!

Or just pop by to see my family picture! :)


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