Beware of formula milk companies

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I used to buy Nestle Nan Optipro formula milk before I realised how expensive it is when I did my comparison of formula milk prices. Due to freebies and discounts, I signed up with Nestle Baby Club and also Similac Baby Club.

They will send you free milk sample when you are pregnant and also occasional discounts for formula milk. It's a good deal to mummies but you have to entertain their sales pitch most of the time. 

Recently, I was super turned off by their phone calls. 

After knowing that my daughter was is 2 years old now is drinking cow milk and no longer formula milk after 1 years old, they were pretty insistent that my daughter should continue formula milk. The conversation goes like this:

1) Why did you change to cow milk?
My daughter took to cow milk well and it's nutritious too.
2) Are you sure you can change to cow milk as your daughter is still young?
I spoke with the paediatrician from polyclinic and he encouraged me to do so.
3) Maybe you would like to change back to formula milk again since it has higher nutrient contents.
No, I don't think so, it's more expensive and has higher sugar content.

I understand that formula milk is very profitable to these companies but I am shocked they can actually mislead consumers with such conversation, particularly when formula milk is at such a high price with no added benefits. I am uncomfortable with how all of them seemed to use the 'scare' tactic and you doubt yourself if changing to cow milk is actually the best for your child. These tactics preying on the mother's purse and insecurities is totally unscrupulous and I will definitely not be buying their formula milk again. I would rather buy NTUC Gold formula milk.

Luckily, I did a lot of research on it but for most mothers, I think they might actually be persuaded to continue with formula milk. If you like to read more into cow milk vs formula milk, here are some Straits Times articles on it:

I have submitted a feedback to AVA, then ASAS who directed my to HPB, but I doubt actions will be taken swiftly. Most importantly, mummies themselves have to be aware and educated in this cow milk vs formula milk aspect. 


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  1. I am surprised that they are actually using these "scare tactics"! I have received calls from a few of these companies but never had the experience that you had. Ally is taking the UHT milk from Marigold very well so we do not give her formula nowadays. I guess the marketing is so hard-wired into them that I know a few who are still feeding their kids formula even though they are already in primary school!

    1. Hi Kate,

      If all of them use these tactics, they are probably taught to do so and that signifies something wrong with the management.

      Anyway, yeah that is marketing done right! In the past it was said that formula is best and not breast milk, so that also contributed to the misconception. That's bad!