What's worse than morning sickness

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It's a period of darkness, of no end in sight.

It is also the time when most woman will want to be a man in their next life.

Morning sickness happens to 80% of the pregnant mothers and it is definitely the wrong term, it doesn't happen only in the morning. It is for the whole dreadful day! Although some studies say that the nausea and vomiting might actually show high probability of a healthy pregnancy, seeing my friends who did not have to go through this dark phase made me jealous like crazy.

They won't understand how the discomfort sticks to you every minute, every hour and you just wish to crawl to bed early every day and shut out the suffering. The loss of appetite is horrendous, the thought of food makes me want to throw up. Yet without food, I will surely throw up. I cannot be hungry and I cannot eat. Meal times are bad, I don't think I have ever hated food so much. Thinking what to eat, thinking what I can keep down. Not just that, the aftermath of throwing up is the burning off your throat and the occasional headache for retching too much.

The only peace each day is when I sleep and before I get up from bed. I dread pulling myself up because the cycle repeats. It gets worse and you cannot behave like a normal, productive adult. The lethargy, the discomfort, the pain never seems to loosen their grip on me.

I can't work, it's too draining to keep out the nausea and be productive. However, work seems like a good distraction sometimes. I can't stand too long or even sit up for an extended period of time. The most comfortable position is to lean back or just lie down.


Waiting for this sickness to end. Being immobile and inactive is another part of the torture. I think this long term suffering is worse than the labour delivery pain. At least the latter is gone within hours. I am so lucky I am self employed now because this means lots of MC and a very disapproving boss.

What's worse than morning sickness? Morning sickness with a toddler to manage.

The times my daughter sat in the toilet with me while she plays with her toys. The times she looked into the toilet bowl to see what I have vomited out. The times she patted my shoulder and head to soothe my pain. The toilet bowl is my good friend. I vomited almost every day even with bare minimum food.

It was really one of my worst moments in my life. I felt so lethargic in the day and took naps. I worked till late nights instead because my body felt better. I took rest when I felt like doing so because I can do so. Fortunately, we were still able to get orders out in time.

Yeah, it's definitely worth the trouble. I just need to get through 4 weeks of this torture.

To all mothers going through the same pain, let's look forward to our bundle of joy. In the meantime, one day at a time, just get through one day at a time.


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    1. Hi Nigel,

      Thank you very much! Just one day at a time until I deliver :)

  2. Hi girl,

    Get better ya? Didn't know you are having a next one :) Congrats :)

    1. Hi LP,

      Now you know why I so envious and jealous of your wife's lack of morning sickness. Seriously, you people should have more kids, lol! Thank you and hope to catch up with you soon :)