Can you be the woman while I be the man?

Jes , 12 Comments

In our next life, can you be the woman while I be the man?

That's what I like to say to my husband. Why? No menstruate cramps, morning sickness, delivery pains, confinement headaches and breastfeeding woes. All the physical torture of women that is not the least bit shared with men.

Freaky Friday anyone?

We bear them alone and alone we bear.

How unfair, but anyway we can't change how things are. So we take them like a woman. Granted, we knowingly chose the pregnancy path that is well-known to cause extreme pain and yet many chose to do so a few more times.

Not that we enjoy pain, not that we like the 4 months maternity leave, I would rather exchange all these for 1.5 years of NS life and reservist without hesitation. We go through that and do it again because we would like to give life.

It's the best part in being a wife and a woman. A child who is taught by you, who loves you unconditionally. No matter your qualification, background, looks and education, this child will always call you mum and hold a special place in your heart.

It's also one of my greatest achievement to be a mum.

To bear some short term pain and give birth to a baby is incredible, it's a bond which unites all mothers. Of course I became even more appreciative of my own mother too. I don't focus on the unfairness that I got, I focus on the good things that we gained being a woman. Like the little kicks in my stomach that is so special and amazing. Like being treated as a queen when you are pregnant and during confinement, complete with bird's nest and foot massage. And how most guys got to do the wooing, the proposal, while we play coy and hard to get.

I do think all these pain made women much stronger.

Men were born stronger physically but in terms of mental strength, women win hands down. We are given the ability to handle stress, to multi-task, to be strict and still provide solace, to defuse (children) wars and even negotiate peace treaty.  We are the mediators of the world.

So ladies, don't underestimate your own potential.

Life is unfair and we can complain about it or just adapt and survive. Use them to our advantage and create our own bright future. Being a mother is not easy, but since we can handle that, we can handle any job issues that come our way. Our children is never an excuse or a hindrance to our career and goals, they are our motivation, our happiness, our achievement.

After saying all these, I would still want to be the man in my next life. Haha. Happy Mothers' Day everyone!


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  1. Men must love their wife!

    Children must love their mother!

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      Sounds like being a woman is very well-loved! So who love the men?! :P

  2. Hi Jes,

    Anything for you. I'd be the lil girl supporting you behind your back alright?

    Haha. Ok enough of disturbing.

    The women today is no longer those seen in centuries ago. There is so many big shot ladies around especially in the corporate world today and even more braving out as entrepreneur!

    Speaking of NS.. Guess I'll be having the 'guys-period' soon!

    1. Hi Sleepydevil,

      Thanks for wanting to be my daughter, lol!

      Of course women today has progressed far, hope we can see a female PM in our generation. In turn, men need to help out more in the household and with the children!

      Oh goody, NS will toughen you up and make you fitter and more tanned, what's not to like? :D

  3. And it is said that man can only experience orgasm "just like that so simple".

    Woman such a complicated creature is different - She can have much more complicated orgasm. And can be multiple times and more complex perhaps even perplex. That's what the scientists said.

    And the "Good Book" says despite all the "sufferings & pains" a woman bears in life, as U had described, she is still made to desire the man she has chosen.

    Law of Nature still applied even if U are a non-believer.


    i believe this is also the "Law of Natural Compensations"

    The more U give, the more U have in return.

    Are U sure U want to be a man?

  4. TED Talk can tell U woman can experience sexual orgasm in many different situations or circumstances which don't involved another human being or thinking of sex.

    This is the perplex part of being woman.


    Man is just too boring to study.

    1. Hi Temperament,

      Hahaha you always have the most surprising comments. Well, orgasms are such short-lived moments, no matter how complicated and intense they are. I can live without such euphoria in exchange for lesser pain, so definitely I don't mind being a man.

      Maybe cos you are a man, so you think it's too boring. We women like to study men, hahaha!

  5. Jes,

    Although there were times I dream of being an expat wife in my next life, I must say I do enjoy being the man!

    Yes, I believe we have it "easier" ;)

    Despite the so called "equality", its never fair to women:

    1) No children - incomplete woman...

    2) Children turn out to be brats - its the mother's fault!

    3) House a mess - failed wife.

    4) Huband a bum - eyes on his enabling wife :(

    I don't know about "study" women, but I do like to checkout pretty women :)

    My women friends have shared the first thing they like to checkout on men is their bum.

    Next is their broad shoulders at the back ;)

    That temperament lucky he old man! If not how to get away discussing orgasms in public with a woman young enough to be his daughter?


    1. Ha! Ha!


      i am just stating facts of what i have learned from fascinating TED TALK. And of course also from the "Good Book" why woman besides all her sufferings still desire her man.

      And experience counts.

      And experience comes with age.

      Nevertheless, i think the pot is calling the kettle black.

    2. Hi Jared,

      That's why women play such an important role, we are the backbone of success, the key to a successful career, family, society. Like what my mother likes to say, a difficult daughter-in-law will bring no peace, better to not get married.

      Oh, I think for me the broad shoulders more important, sense of security plus look real good in fitting t-shirts with well-toned biceps! For butt, men's behind usually quite flat one, not as nice as ladies haha.

      Wahaha, temperament provides an refreshing point of view which I have not considered. I think people should be more open to these topics then will have less infertility/marital issues =P

  6. In fact, I have the same thought. Since I am a woman this lifetime, I was thinking that I don't mind being a man the next just to experience it as well.

    1. Hi Kate,

      That's true! However, don't think we can remember our previous lives so maybe we were men in our past, now have to be a woman =D