My Honda HRV - A 2 year review

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I always thought my personal posts interest no one so I am surprised people request for an update! I take feedback very seriously and it's always good to have more ideas to write so I don't mind to do this 2 year review.

My last post was all about the price I bought my Honda HRV and why I went with Kah Motors.

This post would be all about what I like and dislike about Honda HRV. Take note that my first car was Toyota Vios, where HRV is definitely a trade up and I would have different expectations from you.

The features I like:
1) Brake Hold
When you are stuck in traffic jams or slow moving traffic, this feature is so useful for your feet. You do not have to press on the brake or pull up your hand brake, just engage this feature and they will hold the brakes for you every time you brake. However, sometimes when I park, the car might jerk suddenly as the speed is too slow and this feature was engaged. Definitely my most favourite feature!

2) Big Boot Space
It might not look like a big space but I did a lot of moving of my snacks on this car and I can say it can really pack a lot! Pull down the back seats and you can move long poles or cabinets, a great car to move things and fetch from IKEA.

3) Spacious
The leg space and back seats are so much more spacious than normal sedan cars. I like the wide space under the back seats and it does not feel squeezy even with baby chairs attached. New families should surely consider this car.

4) 4 cup holders
On every door, there is a cup holder space attached at the bottom, which is good to have. However, it cannot accommodate big cups or even big bottles, just take note of that.

5) Smooth ride
Overall, I feel that the ride is smoother and less bumpy than Vios. Probably the suspension system works better but it's a breeze to drive the HRV. The steering is light, turning angles are easy to handle and easy to adjust to, definitely a lady's car.

The features I feel that can be improved:
1) Limited space to store things
Even though the leg room and boot space is wide, there are limited compartments to keep things hidden. The dashboard compartment is also narrow and small while the storage space in between the front seats is so pitiful.

2) No hooks
There are hooks at the back handles above the back seats but it is not exactly accessible to the driver. Sometimes you might want to hook your iced tea/coffee but there is no space to do so. I had to install my own hooks at the back of the front seats for this purpose.

Honestly it's better to choose a sports car if you want some acceleration
3) Acceleration not as good
I feel the acceleration is acceptable but at 1.5l, people who are used to turbo charged or higher acceleration will complain about this. I saw some grumbles on most forums so prospective car owners might want to consider this factor.

4) Cruise control buttons
I like having cruise control, particularly when you are along MCE and KPE. It's a nice ride where you have to maintain your speed at 80/90 km/hr. However, the controls are confusing and after 2 years, I am still not sure which button I should press to activate and cancel. Maybe it's just me.

5) Too tall for kids
Compared to sedans, HRV is taller and would be harder to climb up for kids. For families, I saw that most of them installed a foot step so that older people and kids would have an easier time stepping onto the car. For adults, the height is quite appropriate because I don't have to bend down too much to carry my baby out of the car seats too. I don't think I can ever go back to sedans after this.

Would I buy the Honda HRV again?
Of course! I think the ride is just perfect for women and families with a price range comparable to Toyota Altis. I would also not hesitate to go through Kah Motors again for the peace of mind. With 3 years free servicing and you can go back to them in case of any accidents, it is definitely worth while for me to pay slightly more.

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  1. Hi Jes,

    Wow! You own a HRV! Fellow road user :)

    If I did not remember wrongly, there's another PI model - Vezel, which are pretty similar. I'm always fond of SUV vehicle and Vezel happen to be one.

    I'm a little curious. For 1.5cc, how's HRV's FC like and which petrol kiosk do you usually patronize?

    However, as car are really expensive in SG.. I can only afford one in Toy'R'us and roll it around my house :p

    1. Hi Sleepydevil,

      Yep, Vezel and HRV is the same just that Vezel comes from parallel importers while HRV comes from Kah Motors, the authorised dealer. I usually do city driving, so the FC is like 13.8km/l. With expressway, it can usually hit 16 - 18km/l, which is really good. I pump 95 Shell fuel only.

      For someone who doesn't own a car, you surely know what to ask. Well, you will be able to afford a car in no time based on your current portfolio! You are too young to complain about cars' prices right now. :)

  2. I went Kah Motors. Only 3yr car servicing and not 5yrs...

    1. Hi Shinchan,

      You are right, my last post I wrote 3 years all-in free servicing and 5 years warranty, not sure why I put wrongly this time. Thanks for reminding me and I have corrected it! :)

  3. Super bumpy car..had for 3 years..gave it on freed hybrid. 5 times less bumpier and quieter.

    1. Hi there,

      It's definitely very subjective, I don't have problems with the bumpiness though! :)