My new Honda HRV

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I could finally drag no more and have to buy a car.

I have been delaying this because it is my second most expensive purchase after my own house but I really do need it for my job. The COE is stagnating at around 50K and I don't see signs of weakening. Luckily, my previous worry of buying from a Parallel Importer (PI) was eliminated.

Honda Authorized dealer (AD) - Kah Motor = HRV made in Japan since 2016
Parallel Importers (PI) = Vezel made in Japan
Honda HRV used to be from Thailand and the specifications were worse off than Vezel, which is why the PI were able to reap all the sales. Seeing all the lost sales, Kah Motors brought in the Made in Japan HRV with an aggressive price promotion.

The current price of Vezel from PI is around 104k. Comparing to the HRV there is Honda sensing and City Brake Active System (CTBA) feature. There is also auto dimming feature of rear mirror and auto fold side mirrors. Interest rate is at 2.78% and 5 years warranty only. If you want hybrid version, currently only the PI offers it.
The car insurance price
I got my HRV DX at SGD107k with COE at 53k. My parents offered to give me the loan so that I could save on the 2.18% interests. I did not take a loan so not many PI will accept my business. Kah Motors package include free first year of road tax (worth $682), 3 years all-in free servicing and 5 years warranty. Their leather is locally fitted and not many colours to choose from. At a higher trade in value of my car, I think the difference in price is minimal. Furthermore, Kah Motors is less likely to run away with my 11k deposit like Exodus Global.

I read from forums that there are varying freebies, prices and deposit amount from different PI. There are also some complaints about the servicing done by them and the recall situation which some PI might shirk responsibility. So many headaches when dealing with PI so you can see why I would rather go to an AD.

The peace of mind is priceless.

If you ask me if HRV is a good car, I would jump up and say yes! This is because my last car was a Vios. If you ask Audi or Mercedes drivers they might say no. Thus, expectations are important. Adjust it accordingly to a low to mid range car. 


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  1. Enjoy your new car.
    Am sure you will not get pulled by peer pressure into buying "poison" to bling up your car.

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you so much! Nope I am stingy towards my car. I think it is expensive enough :)

  2. Congrats! Still trying to resist but hard to look away from all those flashy models on the road... Hrv, Qashqai, the cute cute Cactus...

    1. Hey CP,

      Well, you will still need a car being in the sales line so might as well get something flashy before we are too old for it. Now COE dropped, good time to buy!

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    1. Hi Jason,

      Good idea! I guess I will write a 2 year review soon. So far I still like my HRV and would not hesitate to buy it again :)