5 types of social media postings

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I am more active in social media lately mainly because of SnackFirst. It's the requirement of an e-commerce site to generate traffic and the best way is through social media. These are the 5 types of postings I generally see on your feeds:

1) Photos of themselves #sgootd #sgfashionista
I can understand when celebrities or models post their pictures online. They need to make sure everyone knows they look good and their face is the part that sells. However, when you put in a quote of the day coupled with your own picture, I don't get it. I totally don't get it. What does your face have to do with anything? Unless there is some relations, I will classify the person as a narcissist. Ya la, ya la, you are so pretty, omg you are gorgeous, like like like! If you are still in that phase where you need approvals on your exterior, then I am sorry you have not grown up yet.

2) Photos of food #sgeats #sgfoodie #sgfoodporn
Singaporeans totally love their food. Some people seem to like restaurant food so much they eat it for every meals. There are truly many photos on Instagram focusing on food and it's scary how some of them could post nothing but food only. Many foodie around and not just in Singapore. To garner more views for @snack.first, I also have to join in the foodie photography fun.

3) Posts on travels #wanderlust #globetrotter
Be it to show off or to take the perfect destination, posts of travels get the most shares. People will be saying "My next destination" or "The bucket list" and the nature never disappoints with never ending views of beautiful scenery.

4) Posts of children #cutebabies #babylove
Kids make the cutest expressions and you can't stop taking pictures of them. They grow up so fast too! Sharing it on social media is a good way to share the joy and let others revel in their innocence. You would just go "Awwww..." or "So cute". Parents just can't stop sharing the baby pictures and everyone loves them too.

5) Complaints #work #life #regrets #nomoney
Be it gossips, laments or just plain regrets about your life, some people are just so negative in their life. It seems nothing is going right for them and the details of their life are all splashed in public so everyone will know about everything that is going on, including the quarrels with the spouse, the death of an insect, the breakage of a finger nail. Everything is in such a sombre and melancholy tone. Everything is also the government's fault.

I think I covered a wide spectrum. I belong to the 6th category, I never post much about anything! Sometimes, a baby picture here and there so my relatives can share the joy but truthfully, not much was shared on the social platforms. To take on the task of expanding my reach into social media is quite challenging and contrary to what I have been doing but it's nice to learn something new.

Are you learning something new this year?


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