You need to be rich to date my daughter

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A single mother brought her 3 daughters up single handedly. Now all she wishes is for her children to live happily and healthily. No, that is not the only wish. She wants them to all live in abundance and preferably in wealth.
Everyone wants to have so much they can even top up their children's CPF

The wealth criteria she based it on 3 things:
1) Earning more than $5k
2) Able to afford a condo
3) Drives a car

This wealth criteria is easily fulfilled by her 2 son-in-laws. One is a doctor, another is an accountant. So naturally, she would also want the same conditions imposed to the third potential son-in-law. This new boyfriend to her youngest daughter is 30 years old, an engineer who have stayed with a company for 5 years. Pay is not more than $5k, definitely no house to his name or drives a car.

What to do? The mum did not give her blessings and so the couple has to break up.

This is a true story and I am shocked this is still happening now. People still use assets to determine a person's worth and provide for another. I can understand that parents would want the best for their children but I cannot understand why wealth needs to be the main criteria.
Just knock on their door and marry whoever lives there
I do not have such ambitions to hook a rich turtle probably because I am not rich. If I am rich, maybe yes I would want someone of similar earning capabilities. Otherwise, I would not impose such restrictions because I believe I can earn money and can be successful on my own. Depending on others is easy but it's not my own success.

Not just that, able to afford condo, cars, country clubs are just so superficial. We are young adults who just entered the working world. To be able to afford those things means more debts, is that also considered rich? This seems like korean drama but yet it is just so sad to hear of such cases.

For my daughter, I don't think I would ever impose such restrictions. After all, her daddy is not rich too! Hopefully, she will also think to earn money through her own means and understand how hard we have worked to keep her well fed.

Love does not conquers all in this realistic world.


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  1. For women; marry well to be rich or financial independence is one way. Men also can; but limited opportunity.

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      I prefer to look at the person's potential to earn instead of assets that are complete with debts. Well, if all want to marry rich, then number of marriages will be declining, haha!

  2. I am a mother of 3 girls too. I will want my girls to marry to someone who can afford a comfortable lifestyle. I don't blame the mom. All mothers are selfish when come to protecting their children.

    1. Hi Sheri,

      I understand how all parents are selfish and protective. But if, just if, I broke up a relationship due to wealth and my daughter had to be single for her whole life, then I would blame myself. I think if a couple has the right mindset towards finance, that's most important.

      Thanks so much for your honest sharing! :)

  3. own a car and condo but earn 5k.
    well, a lot of debt, the mum does not think deep enough.
    daughter marry him would be suffer as to assist the husband in servicing the loan.

  4. Hi Yeh,

    Indeed, earning 5k doesn't seem to be enough. Unfortunately outsiders can't really look at the debts portion but only at the assets. Even if they are struggling with the loans, they can continue to look 'rich' :)

  5. Rather than marrying someone that can provide their daughter with a comfortable life, I think we should bring up our daughters to be strong women who can provide for themselves, without depending on the men to do so. I am a feminist so I think differently in that respect.