Fat lady no more!

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Remember my last post where I was called fat during my pregnant times? Well, I am here to update on my weight now.

You will be pleased to know I have regained my pre-pregnancy weight. But it was not within the first few months. It was only after 7 months post delivery!

Yes, it took quite long for me and shorter for the lucky ones.

I am happy that I have been through this period because I proved to everyone I can do it. With exercises and the correct food, my lifestyle is healthy enough so I lose weight naturally. Not just that, I found out I don't lose weight less easily now. Due to age, my metabolic rate is not what it used to be. I used to go for a run followed by a hearty supper during uni days. We used to order Mcdelivery almost every week. Suppers were a constant if there were no early lectures and staying in hall created all these sinful habits. But I did not gain weight regardless of my supper habits.

Now, I can no longer do that of course. Thus, it goes to show my figure is not due to genetics, it is due to will and determination. I have to work hard like any other person. Despite my weight, my figure is slightly different now. My hips are slightly wider due to the vaginal birth. I like to think that I look more curvy and sexy, haha! I am also more muscular, no joke. From lifting and carrying and chasing after my baby, my muscles on my arms are now more defined.

Pregnancy does affect everyone in different ways.

I would urge new mums not to be too anxious to lose weight. After all, you took 9 months to gain weight, you would take roughly the same amount or more time to lose them. Just continue to eat right and I am sure you will regain your figure in no time.

In any case, love who you are and you will be attractive in your own ways. 


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