Hajime Tonkatsu review - Value for money

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I am not trying to compete with the food bloggers but to show support for a dear friend of mine. They have just set up this very successful business and in the most competitive industry - F&B! I would like to introduce everyone to their restaurant, Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen.

The premium pork loin set at only $19.90

I have been close with their family for more than 10 years now. Gosh, back then, I often pop by their house for mahjong or project work. Now, even more frequently to catch up. Chef Tan has previously even taught me how to cook a delicious plate of fried ebi and thankfully, I think I still can do it. I know he is really passionate about cooking, truly dedicated to creating great food, and strive to maintain the same perfection in every details. It has been an arduous journey setting up this business and I am really happy that they finally did it!

I tried the premium pork loin set with free flow rice and cabbage. The pork is air flown from Japan and the first question I asked them was, "Why your food so cheap?"

Making tasty tonkatsu affordable is one of their goal. I personally prefer Ma Maison's Hungarian mangalica rosu pork set but it costs around $40 after GST so I usually only eat that once a year. Hajime's most expensive set cost only at $19.90 nett which is really bad for me because I feel that it is so value for money and would eat it more often! It's not a splurge but a value set with the huge portions, free refills and most importantly, crispy and sinful tonkatsu!

I did try their ebi too and I must say that cooking at home is really not the same. No choice got to spend money but at least I don't have to burn a hole in my pocket eating their sets. I also love their awesome soup which is full of ingredients inside as you can see from the picture below. Shiok man!

The salmon don at $16.90 is one that you do not typically find in a tonkatsu shop. That is why it really surprised me that it is cooked just right - moist, sweet and tender.  This is great for lunch and when you really do not want fried food, definitely one dish you gotta try.

My conclusion: Value for money, damn worth it! Gonna try their katsu don next.

Disclaimer: I actually paid for my own meal, so stupid right, I should have been a food blogger, haha!


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