Happy 2nd birthday!

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I barely scraped through this year.

Even though my 2-posts-a-week was reduced to only 1 post this year, I am quite proud of myself. I managed to keep my blog running through pregnancy, birth and confinement. Of course, those posts were written beforehand so they were scheduled while I was going through all sorts of pain. However, after the mess settled, I jumped right back. I had lots to share but not on financial stuff. As per my first birthday, here are my overall thoughts:

1) On Coftea
The most popular post about HDB from him is still having 5 times the number of views compared to the second most popular post. Sigh, I don't think it will ever catch up. Anyway, he has not been writing after being a father so let's remind him to contribute again ok?

2) On Familytalk
This series emerged this year when I was pregnant and diverged from my original plan of being a finance blogger. I hope the readers will come to appreciate this section as a different phase of life, requiring different consideration of finances. I like that I have complete control over what I want to share and I feel happy to be able to share my private thoughts here.

3) On Travel
My wanderlust has not stopped. Luckily, it is satiated by my business travels. I will still be going on trips, perhaps there will be some family trips but I am sure travelling posts will still be occupying a huge part of my life.

4) On Investing
My investing journey has took a backseat because I saved up the money for parenthood and also to buy a car. This car has blown a hole in my pocket but I am lucky that I have my transport allowance from my company to tide me through the next 10 years.

5) On Parenthood
My happiness took on a different yet deeper dimension when I gave birth to my baby. It's a physically and mentally arduous journey that I am grateful that I am able to go through. It has been rewarding so far and I am more appreciative of the little things that we take for granted, such as health, sleep and cleanliness. Even though my sleep is disrupted every night. I feel that I am stronger than ever. I have newfound respect and admiration for my husband and truly feel that my marriage has never been stronger.

Last but not least, thank you readers. Thank you for always dropping by and checking out my writings. I do not always receive comments from you guys but once in a while, I feel very motivated when some readers told me that they were following me closely and loved my stories. I do not aim to profit but hope to give clarity on issues that should be known by the masses.

Happy birthday to Simplyjesme! :)


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  1. Jes,

    Happy 2nd birthday to your blog!

    By the way, I don't follow you closely - I'm not so pervert...

    But I do enjoy you writing ;)

    Stay sassy girl!

    1. Hi Jared,

      Thank you so much for your compliments and glad to have known you through blogging. Appreciate all the advice you gave given me so it's ok to follow me closely, wahaha =P