Are you adventurous?

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I have a colleague who only eats the same dish in the same restaurants. Always.

I asked him why he likes it this way and his answer was very logical: He found something that he likes so he would not change it. Every single time.

This reminds me of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory with the OCD personality and I guess my colleague behaves a little similarly. He just did not request for the same seats too.

For me, I would sometimes come back to my favourite dish but most time, I would cycle around and try something new or based on someone else's recommendation. Perhaps trying out new dishes might bring me disappointment, but sometimes it could also be a start of another new favourite dish.

This is related to everything. Do you hang on to your old stocks and repeatedly only buy the same stocks because of the sense of familiarity? Do you not like to gain new knowledge and update yourself continuously? Do you hate disappointment so much that you are afraid to try new things?
A ship in harbor is safe but that is not what ships are built for.
Yes of course, humans crave for consistency and familiarity. We like being comfortable and preferably not have to venture out of the comfort zone if given a choice. I have the same stocks in my watch list for many years and seldom does it change.

However, I like to read the news, announcements, finance blogs, and even analyst reports from Philips Capital. They are good for me to explore and find out the views of others and discover some hidden gems. This is why we can be comfortable but cannot be lazy. We will have to put in some effort to find out new things so that we can reap better rewards.

Maybe it's just me but I do need some adrenaline in our life. If not, we are just robots going about working for other robots.

Eating the same food every time will not give you the element of surprise that is needed in our life. Doing the same things will not give you the miracle that you seek.


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  1. Hmmm ... not healthy for married couple!

    1. Haha, CW8888! When I was reading this post, I was thinking about if it would apply to relationships as well.

      I kind of feel that if you keep looking, it's always possible to find someone "better" as a clean slate, but overlooking and discounting the shared memories and experience with your current partner to "upgrade handset" could be a very big mistake.

      I guess some things are really okay just to stick with (especially when the benefits are low/unknown and the "switching costs" are very high), while some things are good for being adventurous (low opportunity costs and low switching cost)

      For eg. trying out a different meal at a restaurant vs trying out a different neighbourhood to live in. The adventure might not be worth it for the later!

      I love the quote about ships in the harbour. I personally quote that all the time!

    2. Hi Uncle CW and GMGH,

      I think before marriage, people can be adventurous and change bf/gf so that they know what they are looking for in a partner. A better or prettier person doesn't mean more suitable for you but of course, I am not advocating adventurous mindset when you are married! Perhaps people settle down too fast, resulting in higher divorce rates in this modern era!

      If you are adventurous but still would rather stick to your partner, isn't that more lasting? Also more dangerous la, wahaha.

  2. Alakmak, have been sticking to Samsung phones for many years.
    Suddenly out of my mind bought not one but two Redmi Red Note 3 pro just about a week ago.
    Of course face some teething problems.
    But being a technician for life, so far can manage the teething problems.
    Don't know why suddenly like to "mess" around with Chinese toys make only for China.
    Ha! Ha!

    1. Hi Temperament,

      Mid life crisis? Hahahaha! You need a hobby or you bought 2 phones to catch pokemon?

      Mess around with toys ok la, don't mess around on other aspects :P