Pokemon craze

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Some parents like to ask kids to go out and play and not stay at home and play computer games. Nowadays, you can go out yet still playing hand phone games.

Pokemon Go is the latest craze globally, and I have also tried it out and it's quite fun. Even more exciting is when you fight others and get control of a gym, so addictive!

I think it's good that this game revolutionized the whole gaming scene. The great part of this game is that it could really change the lifestyle of the gamers. I do not know when this craze is going to die down but so far, I see many people walking a longer way and being more active just to level up faster. I am happy because I have something to do while bringing my baby out for a walk.

It is a simple game where primary school kids and also grand parents can play together. It is a fantastic game as it encourages people to explore the neighbourhood and go on walks and runs together. Some one even found a dead body as he went to walk along quiet territories.

However, it is good to an extent because people tend to look at their hand phones while walking or driving such that accidents will tend to occur. I am also guilty of it even though I reminded myself not to be too engrossed while searching for Pokestops. Sometimes, you just get carried away unconsciously. So, be conscious of your actions and stay safe!

Big winners of this game would be telecom companies because of the higher data usage, utility companies because of the faster battery depletion and of course, Nintendo. I would think the companies producing Pokemon merchandise would score big as well.

Now, if only there is a game that could get people to start hunting for stocks, that would really be a winner for the financial scene. Ok, back to hunting my pokemon :D


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