Review of Mt Alvernia

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As my gynaecologist is from a private clinic, I can only choose the private hospitals which are Mt Alvernia, Thomson Medical, Mt Elizabeth and Raffles Hospital. From a survey of my friends, Mt Alvernia is the most popular one followed by Thomson.

Thomson gave me a very squeezy, crowded feeling. It started from the limited car park spaces and then the narrow walkways. It always seems like there are so many people inside, proving its popularity for mothers. My gynaecologist told me he would prefer if I do not choose Thomson because of the car park!

One of my friend recommended Mt Elizabeth Novena as it's new and the facilities are really good. It's more like a luxurious class as it is celebrities' first choice. However, the difference in price is at least $1k and I do not think it's worth the higher price when I am already staying at a single ward.

Personal feel
Mt Alvernia looks more spacious but I was a bit hesitant due to the religious affiliation.Thankfully, besides the religious naming of the rooms and the many art pieces, it was really not an issue. With the newly renovated car park and rooms, they have expanded to cater to the growing demand and does not give you a claustrophobic feel.

The nurses were all nice and friendly and I did learnt a few tips from the lactation consultant. I would say service is good and I trust that I am in good hands. One nurse kept telling everyone in sight how brave I was to endure child birth without epidural and I was embarrassed but secretly proud too.

Their confinement meals really impressed me, particularly the Asian selection that has 2 dishes, 1 soup and rice.  It's very tasty and healthy and I look forward to my every meals. They could make simple chinese food tastes so good, how I wish I can engage them for my confinement meals every day. The dishes are making me drool even while I am blogging. No joke, I am someone who travels a lot but yet crave such comfort food in Chinese cuisine.

Free gifts
The free gifts include a baby bath tub, 2 nursing covers, 1 swaddle, 1 breast milk cooler bag, 1 diaper bag, 1 diaper changing mat, 1 packet of Huggies NB diaper, 1 packet Tollyjoy wet wipes and many other small samples. I thought I would have no use for the diaper and cooler bag but it is good to use it when you leave your baby in infant care or with the nanny.

For the charges of my stay, please refer to this post. Overall, I am very pleased with my stay at Mt Alvernia  and would highly recommend to all future mothers. 


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