Infant care vs maid vs nanny

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After giving birth, the headaches never stop. Many decisions to be made, a lot of lifestyle changes will take place. Definitely, higher expenses incurred and it's up to us to decide a balance between quality care for the baby and financial costs. I actually did a pros and cons list on each just to better understand what I really need and which can fulfil my needs.

Infant Care
Pros; Quality caretakers and relatively safe environment as there are several caretakers on the look out. Location wise is good if you can secure one in your estate. Your child would be engaged in fun activities and learn to be independent and sociable.

Cons: No flexibility of hours. You would have to pay for the teachers' overtime if you are late to pick up your child. The minimum caretaker to baby ratio is 1:5 so your baby's needs may not be met promptly. It might be quite messy as there are hygiene concerns when another baby's pacifier might be used on yours. Infant will definitely get sick frequently initially but rest assured, this is the way your baby will become stronger.

Cost: $700 for PCF/My First Skool for Singaporeans to more than $1000 for private institutions.

Concerns: The infant care nearest to my house is full and so, I have to travel more than 15 minutes to the next available infant care.

Pros: Baby can stay at home and would not need to be awaken to go to another place. Someone can also cook and do housework for you.

Cons: Safety concerns as there are some maids who abuse the child. Cameras could be installed but if accidents were to occur, they would not prevent them from happening. Loss of privacy and not easy to find a good maid.

Cost: $550 - $600. Do include her food at $10/day and other hidden costs like her plane ticket home, her agency and other fees which should amount to at least $800 a month.

Concerns: Leaving a maid alone with the baby is not advisable and would be perfect if your parents/parents-in-law are coming to supervise her. I was unable to find a suitable maid that I feel comfortable with so I dropped this idea for the moment.

Infant care vs maid vs nanny

Pros: Highly flexible and can even request for night time baby sitting during date nights. 1: 2 ratio at the most and most caretakers are Singaporean aunties. Nanny are mostly experienced and able to communicate well with us.

Cons: Not walking distance and no cameras can be installed at their house. Not easy to find a nanny although Bbnanny is able to match a nearby nanny for you.

Cost: $750 to $850 for 12 hours day care, $1200 to $1300 including weekday nights. $5 to $10 for additional hour and $35 to $45 per night. $50 to $100 more for solid food.

Concerns: Regardless of maid or nanny, if the caretaker is good and reliable, I would go for it.

Conclusion for us
My priority is to have flexibility as I would be travelling overseas and I really value my privacy a lot. Thus, nanny was my choice. For housework, I could engage a part time helper if necessary. Most importantly, I feel more at ease leaving my baby behind with a nanny than a maid.
Update: We finally decided on an infant care instead because our nanny quit on me.

The best choice is if your family members are able to help out but if not, there are always other options. I am sure all parents will go through the same decision making process and hope that my sharing can help you out. 


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