Be a cougar or watch out for one!

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People are more assertive as they grow older. The older we get, the clearer we know our likes and dislikes. We are not afraid to fight for what we want as we know what we want. We are not afraid to fight for happiness.

In short, women become cougars. Cougars are usually used to describe older women on the hunt. I don't think it is necessary that they prey on younger men but more for all men - young, old, married or otherwise. They themselves don't have to be single too.

Recently, my mum complained that she met a cougar on a hunt who kept flirting shamelessly with my dad. Many times, the cougar only speaks to my dad and ignore my mum's presence. Even though the cougar knows that the wife is there, she left her hand on my dad's shoulder while talking to him. This is so weird hearing it from her.

So funny.

Ok fine, my dad is a Mr Nice Guy and he has maintained his looks pretty well. Not fat, not bald, not flashy, down to earth and honest. I would say a terrific catch for cougars, which is why there are many cougars circling him. My parents attended many social events together because they like it and they have common interests. Luckily they attend them together so my mum could still be on a look out.

But cougars are still blatantly ignoring her presence. Scary.

Anyway, at that time, my mum asked why the cougar still left her hand on my dad's shoulder after some time and the cougar did remove her hand reluctantly. I am betting there will be more occasions like this happening so I asked my mum to privately speak with the cougar to set things straight. However, this only happens because the cougar is not scared of a confrontation with my mum so my mum will have to be really open and have a few friends helping her to look out too.

Of course, my dad will have to be cautious. However, being Mr Nice Guy means being passive and passive men will only invite cougars to be more daring. My dad can be pretty obtuse like all men and who knows what kind of antics the cougar will come up with. Next time hand on the leg and where else?

I guess it's good that people fight for their happiness and it does takes two hands to clap. Nevertheless if possible, we would need to be vigilant and not encourage things to happen easily. Cougar or not, happiness should not be taken for granted.

Guard it fiercely like all good things in life.


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  1. Rich and decent looking seniors likely to invite cougars who prefer easy money. How to test out? Man seniors can test out in Chinatown or People's Park Complex. :-)

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      Hor, how you know? You also have cougars circling you ah? Hehehe =P

  2. Hi Temperament,

    Woah, I actually dug out your 'good' memories hahaha. Maybe you did shrug off her touch. Guys rarely get so much outright attention so it's good to be wanted, isn't it? Your wife is very smart as she informed you beforehand. Probably she knows you could be the target too.

    If a cougar's chemistry can match, I think it might be very hard to prevent especially when the men are of certain age and perhaps want to have some fun. That is why all ladies must maintain their looks to defend against cougars or become a cougar themselves haha!

    Thank you for your funny contribution :)

  3. Jes,

    Yes. Many of my friends after give birth totally ignores their looks. Also not good lar... So these cougar then Attack their "Hu Tu" husband!

    Sometimes not even for the husband looks nor money, some just like to seduce to show that they r better than the wife!

    I normally try to be clear to these cougar!

    1. Hi Rolf,

      I think the cougars get their satisfaction from knowing that they are better than the wives. It's not easy for you to stay clear especially when you are in the sales line! You are quite a family man so I think you should be fine:)

  4. Hi Temperament,

    Funny from the way you describe how you were being pursued but too bad you couldn't remember you or your wife's reactions, it should be interesting!

    Aiya no need to learn, you just know that people think differently. Most times cannot understand others haha.

  5. Hi Temperament,

    I am also curious what you said to make her stop. I am sure your wife would have mentioned something, if not she is really too zen about it. Haha.

    Yeah but didn't you see the recent statistics that divorce cases are all the rise? Very jialat. If divorced and really can find a better partner then no choice ba!

  6. Haha, she is really cool. Looking at women of course ok la, stop also cannot stop. I hope to be as zen as her if such situations occur in the future. Can't really stop but don't have to allow it to happen too... That's what I think :)


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