High heels

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Being tall has always been a yardstick for beauty.
Some really cost more than $2000! (Source: wikipedia) 
That is why, no matter how tall or short you are, women are expected to show off their heels. These heels actually give women better posture, better proportionality (完美身段), and also instil greater confidence! All in all, it's a wonderful thing to put on the stiletto! I have friends who swear by the effectiveness of heels. They say that those extra inches makes you more feminine.. so die die must wear! Mulling it over, it should be more true for vertically challenged people, or girls with lack of confidence. Or should I say, girls who bother to put in effort to improve their looks. After all, these little effort may be cumulative.. Think about push up bra, hair styling, accessories and even make up..
I really don't like being so tall, probably because I am already above average height. My point is, why torture your own legs? There are so many risks for putting on the sexy footwear (sprain, ankle pain, soles discomfort...) but sometimes I think women really like to push their pain threshold.. Brazilian wax, diet plans, eyebrow shaving, plastic surgery... All in all, women, or rather human, will endure a lot for their physical beauty.

For me, I think that comfort plays a HUGE part too.Wearing 3 inches of heels will accentuate your figure significantly, but are your limbs screaming at you? Is your mobility affected? Are you able to walk/stand for longer period of time? Besides physical beauty, I think we should also look at our physical health. I have seen some people dragging their feet or walking awkwardly because their legs are in pain. That's definitely not pretty at all. 

Overall,  I am young, I love walking around, I prefer to walk around fast and jump when I want to and even chase the bus! But I also love my stiletto when I want to look and feel pretty and professional. So what's the solution? Pack a pair of light flats that should be handy when you go shopping and walking around!

You can look good with flats too!
Sometimes I wonder if all this pain is worthwhile. Are you looking pretty for yourself or others?


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  1. Yee...

    I hate flats.

    But heels.... Oh, they go so well with leather and lace!

    I've always wondered. Are heels invented by men to put women in their place (western bound feet thingy); or were they invented by women to have a leg up on their female competitors?

    1. Hi SMOL,

      You will like flats if your girlfriend is taller than you haha. Heels go well with everything, even jeans and shorts.. And bring out our beautiful butts! =P

      I did a search and heels were said to be invented by men for military reasons. Doesn't make for a good story like what you have imagined. Haha.

  2. To add.....
    Heels shift the centre of gravity forward, hence body naturally need to arched -back subtly to maintain balance, accentuating curves and assets, sashaying in.
    Win-win for both gender?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Can't have put it better myself.. Didn't know the arching is due to the shifting of the centre, I thought it was just the lifting.

      Win for the men definitely and win for the ladies only if we can find the elusive non-painful-heels. It has to be seasoned so a bit of pain is for the greater good!

      Thank you for the nice explanation!