The need to de-stress

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After ordering my regular coffee from the coffee uncle, we sat down and he fetched us the wrong order. We told him about his mistake and he in turn replied, "压力很大" (a lot of stress). Mornings are the worst for him since every customer is rushing for time and people feel grumpy and more likely to berate others. It struck me that every trade, every job has their own stress and challenges and the main point is how we handle them.
Everything makes you tear your hair out? (Source: Firesam at flickr)
How do we destress?

This answer will be the key to handle our daily routines, mundane work, how we manage our emotions and keep our anger in check. This is very important as a single small thing such as getting the wrong food item on your table may ruin your whole day and made you explode for the most trivial reason (cursing, scolding, late for work, snowball effect... ). It may also ruin the mood of the people who love you and spread the anger and stress to them and the vicious cycle never ends.

People have different ways to handle stress. The coffee uncle manages it by chatting with the regular customers and taking a quick rest during off peak hours. Who knows, he might just sneak a peek at his cute daughter's picture in his wallet or even call his wife to grumble. There will be ways to keep our sane and not let the traffic jam and rush hour sweep us away.

My friend de-stress by drinking coffee. I have no idea how he does that but that is his way to 'escape reality', to slow down his pace and just savour the short lived fragrance. Another keeps his emotions in check by eating and drinking. Eating lets us be in control of what we can choose to devour and junk food has the calming effect on us. Isn't that why people who fall out of love grab whole carton of ice-cream and chips to feel in control? Ironically, they also do not want to be in control and just let go of all rules and discipline.

I de-stress by exercising. It may seems to some that I am making myself even more stressful because they feel that exercise will tire them out. But actually for me, to be able to sweat it all out and make my body scream is my way of letting everything go. The worries, the fears, the boredom, the stress. Make myself so tired that I focus on my body and not things that I cannot control. The release of endorphins helps a lot too.
De-stress, lose weight, invest.... same healthy theory.

Find your way of de-stressing even though some methods may not be healthy. I feel that people really need to escape reality once in a while and take some alone time. If not, it will be really hard not to feel exasperated at the coffee uncle the second time he brought me the hot coffee but without adding milk. Be it reading, listening to music, playing games, chatting with your partners or dancing..

Yoga or meditate is always cathartic! (Source: wikipedia)
Keep your stress level in check.


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  1. Jes,

    Your way healthier.

    I just snack :(

    Chocolate the best!

    Next is ice-cream :)

    1. Hi SMOL,

      I agree.. but I am not so angelic la.... Sometimes an ice cream, sometimes ice kachang, sometimes fried chicken wings.... be careful of your tummy hor! =P