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Makes you happy, makes you sad.
Hungry? (Source: Wikipedia)
The happy part is obvious - It is what you keep looking forward to everyday, breakfast when you wake up, counting the minutes to lunch hour and after work to get home for dinner. The thought of that plate of char kway teow and carrot cake rumbled your stomach, made your mouth water and made you queue irrationally for half an hour. You know the cravings have to be fulfilled at that instant and generally, the longer the queue is, the better the food. Dinner time is where families gather for good home cooked, comfortable food and friends gather for a nice bonding over sushi, burger or pizza. It satisfies you.

Here comes the sad part - It makes you fat. The grease that is so addictive, the butter that makes you salivate, the fried food that makes the world beautiful. You can't stop wanting it and yet you feel heavier after eating it. You feel sinful and guilty and you know you should not have went ahead with your impulses. The temporary indulgence has won over the need for self control. It makes you unsatisfied with your body.

It is supposed to bring happiness, to bring joy, to tickle the senses. Yet it brings so much self loathing.

My colleagues have started to bring their own lunch pack to work. It is steamed food brought to work everyday, mostly salmon, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, lean pork. All the trouble for the sake of beauty.
Salad anyone?
It is never about health, it is all about fitting into S size. To feel pretty again.

I checked it out and found that what they are doing is correct. To cut down on their diet is much easier and faster than going to exercise. It is easier to withhold a bag of chips than to run 2 km and cut the same amount of calories. All in all, they are doing everything right.

Except that they are unhappy.

They are happy when they lose weight in the long run. But sad thinking about the sacrifices they have to make come meal times. I am not sure how long they can keep at it. Ultimately, one has to sustain the loss of weight by the lifestyle they choose and come to a balance. Luckily, I don't have to lose weight. Maintaining is much easier than losing weight, surely.

I can enjoy my curry rice and gulp down a cup of sugar cane and thankfully, don't have to feel bad about it.

For now.


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  1. Hi Jes,

    I have a colleague with this mantra: " I eat so that I can exercise".

    I think there's some wisdom behind it. Perhaps by reframing the whole thing, they can become happier?

    Anyway, I think if one gets used to it, one might learn to appreciate it? At least for me, I am starting to enjoy my breakfast of apples. =)

    1. Hi 15HWW,

      Not many people like exercising more than eating so your colleague is quite unique, haha. Well, whichever way works to remain happy :)

      I think there will come a point where there are so sick of eating bland food and start to go crazy. It's better to eat in moderation to sustain a healthy lifestyle, that's what I think. You sound fit enough so I don't think you need to worry just yet.