Arranged marriage Part 2

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Following my personal thoughts about arranged marriage and my take that it has no place in a democratic society, I read a particularly interesting news related to it and thought to share it here with you: 
The choice does not lie in your hands.. (Source: Priyambada Nath at flickr)

How ridiculous that this is happening when all these could be solved if the couple could just go on a date?!

I wonder how many parents has lied about their children's credentials and just want to marry them off. In any case, being illiterate does not mean that the man will not be a loving husband. Just that in their situation, it is a mismatch of background judged by the bride's parents.

The other ridiculous thing is the bride marrying a guest at her wedding!

It's quite thrilling, isn't it? Did she just picked and pointed at someone that is suitable or the guy volunteered himself at the altar? I supposed it's better than a arranged marriage because the bride has at least seen the groom's face. They should make it a reality show or something, to let the brides marry someone after seeing them for 5 minutes. It should be fun to watch.

Please oppose against arranged marriages and choose your own partners that will be sleeping beside you hopefully for the rest of your life.


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