Sim Lim scandal and tips

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Sim Lim Square has recently been hit by a series of high profile scandals. Seriously, this has been ongoing for a few years but they are going overboard with their tactics and now, finally the authorities are looking into this.

The first scandal is about a Vietnamese tourist being asked to fork out additional $1500 for a 1 year warranty package that was completely unnecessary, and being not really fluent in English, initially thought it was free and signed the contractual agreement. The shop would not give him the $950 phone unless he coughed out the extra for warranty, making him cry as he has saved up very long for this and begged for a refund. It was solved only when the authorities were brought in.

The second was about a couple getting a refund for the $3000 that they have overpaid for a iphone 6+. The Small Claims court ordered the rogue merchant to refund them by $1010 and they retaliated by giving the amount in coins. These people are so brazen in their corrupt actions and still claimed that it was because the customer was unreasonable!

I would like to urge tourist not to buy from the first and second floors of Sim Lim Square and also Lucky Plaza. In fact, I have bought all of my desktops in Sim Lim Square but I know where to go for reputable retailers. Tourists will normally hang out at the lower floors. I have included the list of unreliable retailers below and hope that people will not get cheated again. Singapore is indeed a safe and honest country for shopping but there are always black sheep in every corner, tourists must always do their own research if not they have no one to blame but themselves.

Where to go in Sim Lim Square
I have researched a bit and been to some of these reputable shops namely: Trade Pac , MyNextCom, Best Price, Cybermind, Best Bargain, PC Theme #04-19, Fuwell #04-02. I think most of them are selling PC stuff though. Please do not take my recommendation as a 100% guarantee. Assess the salesman yourself, they would be begging to make the deal and you should definitely compare the prices.

Where not to go in Sim Lim Square
2013 rogue merchants (Picture taken from


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