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Many people expressed disbelief that Singapore is at the top of Lonely planet's destination to visit in 2015. Instead of even thinking that our government paid them off with lots of money, how about try to find out the reasons why we are at the top? Usually, the tourists will visit more attractions than the locals, making it kind of ironic when locals are asked to introduce their own countries. Locals will cite high price, crowds, lack of time and 'there is always a chance' on why they have not been to all the attractions.

Red Dot Museum
28 Maxwell Road, 069120
Price: $8 
Weekdays : 1100 - 1800 Weekends: 1100 - 2000 
*Check online if they are closed for private events. 

I don't believe most of you have been to this Museum, or any museums for that matter. Own up? Anyway, this museum is more into exhibiting the designs to solve our common problems and move into futuristic creativity. Reminded me a lot about this 30 things you had no idea you needed article.

The charactertistic red building
 It can be as simple as using renewable resources to make foosball table or a slot in a bowl to place our chopsticks. Or even a concave adhesives tape for us to find the ends easily. Apple's products were also featured as they are definitely the leader in pioneering great designs for our mobile gadgets. I like the sleek curves and fresh new look on the sinks, bathtubs, chairs and even speakers. They also have a full and half day walking tour to check out the art designs around the area.

A foosball table made of cardboard
However, all these money pumped into innovation led me to think if money can be spent in better ways like world hunger or poverty. Great designs and practicality are always conflicted and most are unnecessary anyway, but that's too wide a topic and not for me to say.

There are some parts of the museum that I find uncomfortable. They were going on and on about being at the forefront of innovation. But yet the exhibits are not all that user friendly. Take the wooden stand below for example where the words are printed at the side to explain about modern packaging. I have to keep bending down to read the small words and the wooden stands are so long, irritating me to no end. I don't get why they can't just make it easier for us to read, we are paying the entrance fees, you know? 
Wooden exhibits with words printed at the side below waist level.
The toilets have an industrial look and nicely blend in with the rest of the museum. However, 2 of the toilet doors were spoilt and the disgusting sink below looks like it has been installed hundred years ago. It just gives me an unpleasant feeling that is not in sync with the whole museum experience, reaffirming that good designs are not practical or durable.

Mouldy and stains filled industrial style sinks.
After the walking tour, how can you not stop by Maxwell Food Centre that is across the road? The food there are all cheap and good. I have mentioned about Tian Tian Chicken rice in an earlier post so I will not elaborate further
Chicken rice.. the chilli is the best!
If you are not in the mood for chicken rice and in the mood for queueing, you should try this Zhen Zhen Porridge (#01-54). Their porridge is like liquid and taste less like rice and more like the seafood broth that they spent hours to stew. The porridge is indeed sweet and nourishing but you have to queue at least 30 minutes to taste it.

For takeaways, there is this ondeh ondeh stall (#01-31) that is superbly delicious. Ondeh Ondeh is like malay kuih or coconut pastries. I am addicted to their peanut mochi that is soft and not too sweet! However, they are very popular and usually all sold out by 11am so you have to come early.
Superb pastries and usually sold up before lunch time. 


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  1. Hi Jes

    Ive been to the red dot museum and eaten the tian tian chicken rice. They are great though I like the chicken rice stall at the front more.

    I think singapore is a beautiful country. There are increasingly plenty of attractions and many travelers have expressed their enjoyment at visiting singapore.

  2. Hi B,

    Seems like you also like travelling! Since you prefer a different stall of chicken rice, I think I will try it next time.

    Yeah I am quite proud of my country but not many like it as much as I do. I think most just need to get out more to know how blissful we are.

    Enjoy your rainy cold day!