5 food you must try in Singapore (With directions)

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Food... the definite attraction in every countries, a simple way to discover the differences in culture, the very thing that had tourists coming back excited for more.. These stalls are chosen for their taste, uniqueness and accessibility to nearby attractions.

1) Tian Tian Chicken Rice

#01-10/11, Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street
Closed on Mon, Tue - Sun: 11:00 - 20:00
The famous stall
My favourite chicken rice of all time is located in Maxwell food centre. The rice is fragrant, chicken is tender and juicy with the fats melting in your mouth, but the highlight of all is the chilli! Spicy with a tinge of sourness and leaves a lasting sweet taste in your mouth. It's like throwing a chili padi bomb into my mouth, every taste is a delight, I can happily eat the chilli sauce on it's own. 

How to get there
Nearest MRT is Chinatown (Purple line NE4). Take Exit A to get to Pagoda Street and walk straight down until you see South Bridge Road on your right. Take the right turn and walk for 2 more minutes you should see the food centre on your left.  Head to the extreme back (3rd row) and it is on the left side with a bright blue sign board. Look our for Stall #01-10 or the snaking queues will be a good sign. They also have branches in other areas so do check out its website.

Attractions nearby
Chinatown - A place with lots of Chinese restaurants, cheap souvenirs and oriental buildings. 
Clarke Quay and Raffles Place - See previous post.

2) Old Street Bah Kut Teh
#01-22, Kallang Wave, 1 Stadium Place
Daily: Mon to Sun: 1000 - 2200

I wanted to put Ya Hua BKT but the location is not so near any attractions at all. Anyway, Old Street is quite nice if you like pepperish soup with tender pork ribs like me. Mind you, I do know some Korean friends who do not like it so be prepared for the strong taste. The meat is fulfilling and has totally absorbed all the spices added to cook the soup. You can drink all the soup you want and they will refill it free of charge. Order the promotion set A that comes with the youtiao (dough fritters) and soya bean pudding (douhua) and it makes for a satisfying meal that you will not get to eat it anywhere else in the world.  

How to get there
Nearest MRT is Stadium MRT (Orange line, CC6), exit A. Head towards Starbucks and continue straight on. The shop will be on your left. The main shop is at 4 Gemmill Lane while there are other branches at West Gate Mall and 129 Upper Paya Lebar Road that I know of.

Attractions nearby
The newest architecture is the Sports Hub, which consist of the National Stadium with retractable roof that holds our main sporting events,  Aquatic Centre, Sports library and others. You can check them out and take a stroll around the Kallang river after meals.

3) Jumbo Chilli Crab
#01-16, 11 Dempsey Road
Daily: 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 00:00
Chilli crab with the fried bun (Source: Wikipedia)
You cannot go wrong with this dish. Every foreigner seems to know about chilli crab whenever I mention about Singapore. My USA colleagues suggested that we should export this dish and I hope whoever is in Jumbo will take a hint. You must order the fried bun and eat with the chili crab sauce if not I will not forgive you! It is really finger licking good. Their baby octopus and bamboo clams is also worth the calories and wash them down with some cold Tiger beer. 

How to get there
Nearest MRT is Orchard Road (Red line NS22, review here). Taxi is around 5 minutes and cost ~$6. Alternatively, you can go for Singapore Seafood Republic located in Sentosa and the crabs will be of the same quality, just slightly more expensive.

Attractions nearby
Orchard Road shopping- See previous post

4) Haron Satay
Stall 55, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, 1220 East Coast Parkway
Mon - Fri: 15:00 - 23:00 Sat - Sun: 12:00 - 23:00

The satay meat is just so tender and succulent, the oils drips off it, making it juicy and sinful! They grill these kebab looking things on a charcoal and the highlight is the peanut sauce that comes with it. I just want to lick up all the peanut sauce as it is really that yummy with a crunchy texture! You should also order chicken wings, chilli stingray and other local food from other stalls within the food village. 

How to get there
Nearest MRT is Bedok (Green line EW5) and take bus 401 during weekends and public holidays from 1400 to 2200. Otherwise, a taxi is the most convenient for less than $10. The stall is near the beach side, where a row of satay grills will be there. Look out for a green Haron Satay sign. 

Attractions nearby
East Coast Park - A place to go cycling, skating and strolling on the beach with a sea view of ships and more ships.
Changi Airport - You can come here right after you landed or before you head to the airport.

5) Toast Box Traditional toast and eggs set

The pork floss bread will be special for tourist and the coffee is totally different from Starbucks. It will have a stronger caffeine taste and drinking it with milk is the top choice for my foreign friends. The half boiled eggs are the highlight as it is perfectly boiled to just firm but not gooey and the eggs taste much creamier than other places.

How to get there
It's in every shopping mall, even in Sentosa and the Airport. They have also expanded their branches to Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia.

Bonus: Pandan Chiffon/Cake

Many Taiwan and Hong Kong celebrities come over to buy luggage loads of this cake back. They like the soft texture but yet it is fluffy and moist. The lightness of the cake is the main reason why you can eat it at any time of the day without it being too fulfilling.

How to get there
This can be purchased in Bengawan Solo or Prima Deli shops and either one would be located in every shopping malls. You can also buy them in every airport terminals before you check in where Bengawan Solo is located.


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