Tips in Europe

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This is sort of the summary for all the European countries that I have visited ! And what I have learnt from these countries.. Read on to know more.
The mysterious and romantic Eiffel tower
Paris, France 1) The Eiffel tower is quite ugly during the day because the metal is dark in colour, but it is really pretty during the night especially when it lights up at every hour!
2) You will hear lots about Napoleon Bonaparte, so be sure to find out who he is first.
(If you have watched Night in the Musuem 2, you will know that Napoleon is short, thus he adopts a aggressive nature to compensate for the lack of height)
3) Louvre musuem closes on Tuesday so if you want to enter, don't go on Tuesday!

4) Most French don't really understand English or don't want to communicate in it.
5) Their metro only costs 1.60 euro if you buy 10 at one go.

The pretty and colourful tulips!
Amsterdam, Holland
1) They have a specified bicycle trail where the bicycles have priority over pedestrian. So make sure you look first before crossing.
2) Be sure to visit the infamous Red light district. Girls better don't idle around too long or the 'service people' will shoo you away for snatching their attention!

3) Go ahead and try marijuana and other drugs since it is legal.
4) Their bus fare costs 1.80 euro per trip... really expensive if you convert back to singapore dollars.
5) Heineken originates here, and if you visit the factory, free flow beer for you!(But of cos need to pay the entrance fee)
6) Novotel hotel is highly recommended if you want to stay there
7) Go to Volendam to try the fresh fish if you like the peaceful, scenic stroll in a fishing village.


1) The toilets there require 0.5 euro, but Starbucks toilets are free!
2) Must try the blackforest cake.
3) Heidenberg is a really pretty place with great forests and nice lakes.

The famous Manneken pis
Brussels, Belgium
1) 'The little boy who pees' is a famous Brussels landmark, also called Manneken pis
2) The chocolate truffles will definitely melt so do not buy any of them!
3) Godiva is cheaper there!
Picturesque indeed!
Lucerne, Switzerland

1) There are many Swiss Alps and yes, there is snow every minute even during summer, so prepare for your gloves
2) The fast food are reallly exorbitant and you even have to pay 0.10 euro for each packet of ketchup or chilli. Visit the supermarkets for cheaper food options.
3) The chocolates are really good, so buy more.
4) Swiss watches are famous and cheap. but their 'cheap' means over 100euro, not as cheap as you think!
5) There are no beggers/poor people in Switzerland as every one of them are quite well to do
6) Must try cheap Movenpick ice cream!
Taking the gondola...
1) Must try gelato!
2) The pigeons are really fat and well fed by locals.
3) The branded goods are cheaper here and there is a factory outlet.
4) Wine is cheaper than mineral water and coke.


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