Post natal massage - Is it necessary?

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It's common nowadays to hire a massage lady to soothe your physical pain after labour. For natural birth, the massage starts 2 or 3 days after and for caesarian, 1 to 2 weeks after labour.
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The massage lady is usually a Malay, doing freelance work and travels to your house. For those tied to the massage agency, you will need to pay for their taxi fares too. Cost is typically $50 to $75 per session and you can choose 5, 7, 10 or even more sessions. You would need to be naked with only your disposable underwear and provide a space in your house for the massage.

I chose the 10 sessions to last for 2 weeks and it cost $550 for a freelance massage lady. To be honest, 5 sessions are enough to alleviate the pains and the more experienced ones will help to shift the womb back so it does not push against your bladder. I am not kidding, it really helps when you find that you do not have to pee so often.

They do provide a wrap to tie up the belly to shrink the womb and flatten your tummy. It is like a corset and you tie it up like shoelaces. They will also apply a warm ginger cream to detox and speed up healing. The massage lady will recommend that you wrap your belly for the whole day but I always showered 2 hours after the massage. As to how effective the wrap is, I cannot confirm them. I believe that perhaps the wrap does play a part to flatten the tummy faster but sooner or later, my tummy will recover based on genetics and not become flatter due to the wrap.

I have friends who swear by it, believing that the longer you wrap yourself, the faster your belly will recover. They used the wrap for the whole month. I have friends who did not try it at all yet their tummy is flatter than anyone else. If you believe it works, then just do it.
I think the shoelaces type might provide more tightness
I like having an hour each day during confinement to just relax and enjoy the massage. It helped with my back ache and wrist pain because I have been using the different muscles to carry my newborn. They will also massage your breast to unclog the blocked ducts and regain the supply.

If I can choose again, I would just go with 5 sessions. The massage always leaves me oily and sweaty and it will be hard to breastfeed right after but I always find the sessions calm and soothing amidst the confinement chaos.

Post natal massage, it's not necessary but definitely good to have.


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  1. I think this depends on individual. I removed the wrap within 30 mins after the lady did it on me because it was so sticky, itchy and uncomfortable. I actually enjoyed the massage more.

    1. Hi Kate,

      Yeah I agree the massage was the best part. I also have some friends telling me the wrap was very uncomfortable and itchy. It didn't itch for me and I thought it would make me slimmer faster so I left it on. Not sure how effective it was. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. Hi jes,

    My wife went for the 5 sessions. Again the experience is good for the massage but the wrapping part is doubtful. She did her best to wear it for at least 8 hrs for the day though. Didn't opt for more because she didn't think it was that useful. Like u said, good to have but not essential.

    1. Hi LP,

      Thanks for reading my pregnancy posts! Woah, she really persevered and wore for 8 hours. I am sure her effort paid off and she has regained her figure ;) Enjoy fatherhood, it's an incredible journey!

  3. Hi Jes,

    I agree. My wife just gave birth 4 months ago, and those massage really helped her. It really shows that she had a great time and looks more vibrant. Plus it gives me more time with the baby which is the bonus. For now, she is using one of our back massage seat cushions, but has to be on the minimum level. Just to help her ease those back pains. Speaking of the wraps, she really like wearing them, and I'm guessing she only wore them for about 2 weeks.

    1. Hi Jim,

      I didn't expect you to advertise your back seat cushions in such a way. It's good marketing, I gotta give it to you. Anyway, congratulations to you and your wife! I hope your story is genuine though :)