Are you taking opium?

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In olden days, coolies or workers were addicted to opium. They have to keep working to earn more money to buy opium and the vicious cycle continues. They can never stop working because they are addicted to the 'high' from opium and this makes the employers happy because they can continue to exploit the workers and give low pay.

Unless the workers can quit opium and upgrade their skills instead, they will forever be in the rat race.

Nowadays, the opium of the people takes on many forms. It could be branded goods, luxurious watches, posh cars, opulent condominiums. It could even be the 'face' value, whereby you have to keep up with peers and travel to exotic countries, lead an enviable life to show how well off you are. Some employers even give free plane tickets to encourage your indulgence.

I hope your salary will continue to increase and you will not encounter retrenchment and able to continue climbing the corporate ladder. I hope you will not need any emergency funds due to health or other issues. Even better, when you need more funds, your salary will actually increase accordingly. This is perfect because you can continue to maintain your palatial lifestyle.

Spending more money than you have and buying more things than you need, that is so easy, everyone can do it. Saving and investing and then getting enough passive income that you can stop working at 40 years old. How many can do that?

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We need to stop taking more opium or you can just keep running on your hamster wheel.


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  1. No matter how fast and beautifully the hamster runs, it is getting nowhere ;P

    1. Hi Coftea,

      Wah rare comment coming from you. That's right, running on the hamster mill will get one nowhere. The hard question is how do we get somewhere?!

  2. heh, am a hamster lover!
    Am addicted to thinking how to grow my savings :)


    1. Hi Starlight,

      I also like hamsters, no offence towards them but just using an analogy of the running mill, haha! Addicted to growing savings sounds just like the right mindset, keep going :)

  3. Lucas and Jes,

    I wonder who is the "nutty" one, who is the "fruity" one ;)

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Not so sure what "fruity" implies huh.. We take turns, nuts at times while sweet at others ;)

  4. Coftea,

    Opps! I guess not everyone has been poisoned by the 80s US sitcoms...

    Fruity - cheerfully and perkily saccharine, dorkiness which does not know its dorky.

    1. Hi Jared,

      Sounds like it's both me leh... nutty being crazy and fruity being happily retarded wahaha! Coftea is more like a nerd, oops! Hor, generation gap. 80s sitcom somemore... we were just born!

  5. Hi Uncle Temperament,

    Woah, I really did not know you are 69 years old. That's older than my father's age haha, sorry to make you feel even older. You are humble and hardworking, that is not easily found in us youngsters today. Well, if one is used to spending all to lead a good life or keep on wanting to compare with the peers, it will be very hard to downgrade.

    The most important lesson you gave, is to keep plugging. I hope to do so and appreciate your confidence in me! Thank you for the insights :)

  6. Woah that's quite cool. Thought with a son you might be more risk averse but you started to invest at that time! Cool, I still have a long way to go...


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