The great debate - TV for the children

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From attending weddings to baby showers, I know I have aged and gone through a different phase in life. From being called 小妹 to slowly more people calling me Auntie, one cannot help but feel a bit scared of getting old.

I can see the shift in topics too, from idols, movies, concerts to mostly babies, toddlers, kids. There was a great debate recently when one of the parents mentioned about this. It was only then I realised I have taken it for granted, never thinking of it as an issue.

Is TV also the reason for more children wearing glasses?

Yes, it's if children should watch TV.

I assure you most nannies or grandparents will turn on the TV while looking after the kids. It's the best way to keep them quiet while you go about with chores. Usually when I look after my daughter, I will be at the living room and the TV will be on. Half the time we will be reading, playing toys and another half I will be watching TV.  My toddler does not really watch them, just sometimes look at the commercials.

If I don't turn on the TV, I think it's really boring for me.

To just sit and stare at her playing. Especially during weekends because you can't keep staying outdoors. Sit and stare at her the whole day? Boring. Maybe I am not the perfect mum and I don't care if people think I am a bad mum. I grew up watching TV and I feel that it's ok.

I do understand why some parents do not want their children to watch TV. There have been claims that their attention span will be reduced drastically with brain power diminished. TV programs are too exciting and they might have no mood to do homework or other boring work.
Of course, quality family time is still by interacting with one another

I agree, if they watch TV the whole day, every day. In child care centres, they don't watch them so I think it's fine to do so after school. Using TV as learning material and ideas are good so children get exposed to different colours and ideas. My little toddler repeat the alphabets every time "Wheel of Fortune" is on and made me smile with her learning.

When I was researching I saw this article and that made me laugh.  The children who NEVER watch TV: And why not having a screen in the house has become the latest status symbol for pushy, middle class parents.

Pushy, middle class parents, hahaha. I think my friends would be offended if I showed them this article. Some articles even claimed that some TV is actually beneficial to the kids as educational material!

It's hard to track the exact correlation between TV and child's development. Just don't watch it all the time and I am sure it's fine. And for goodness' sake, turn it off when they are doing homework, it is very distracting.  Since young, watching TV has been and is still is a family activity. I think I turned out fine growing up like that, so no double standards coming from me.

It's a different issue for handphones and ipads because they are mobile and you select the programs at will. So it is easy to just keep looking at the screen for several hours. Even when you are supposed to spend quality time outdoors, eyes might just be glued to a screen and that is not healthy.

Other than that, I am sure I will allow my daughter to continue to watch Wheel of Fortune and Sesame Street. What about you? Do you allow your children to watch TV shows?


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  1. Yes, in fact Ally gets about 1 hour of screentime everyday when she watches her youtube videos. We are not really that particular about absolutely no screentime. I mean even if you impose it, the kids are going to grow up and find out one day and realised what they have missed out.

    1. Hi Kate,

      Nice to hear from you again. That's true, 1 hour sounds very reasonable to get their fix of entertainment. I don't think it's fair to deprive them of the latest shows too. Probably get them to watch the news would be very beneficial, haha!