Tian Wei confinement meal review - Excellent variety!

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I have a few gripes about confinement meals during my confinement month last year.

1) Only payment by cash/bank transfer
Top of the list is that I have to pay cash during the start of the delivery meals. I don't normally keep more than $200 cash in my purse so it's definitely very inconvenient for me. Bank transfer is also not that convenient either, especially just when I just got discharged from the hospital after delivery.
Pork trotters with broccoli and green papaya soup

2) How fresh is the food?
This is also the most common concerns I have heard in the market. Confinement services usually deliver 2 hours before meal times to cater to the whole market. Thus, it's not weird to see lukewarm lunches delivered at 10am and dinners at 5pm. What they encourage you to do, is to microwave the meals to make them warm again. However, did the caterer cook at 8am and is the food still edible if we eat at 2pm?

3) Repetitive traditional meals
Last on the list, why are there only traditional chinese food for confinement? Super boring repetitive dishes too. I was whining about this to every one who would listen, which is why I sneakily ate Mcdonalds' and KFC during my confinement. Shhhh...

Enter Tian Wei, the new challenger to take on the confinement caterer market.

1) Pay by credit card 
They easily solved the top 3 problems of the industry, which is why I know they have done all the right research. For a start, they can actually accept credit card payments! Mummies can even earn rebates and points from the credit care. Score!
Price list of Tian Wei's package

2) Time to consume is stated
For the second problem, Tian Wei delivered my meals at 1 hour before meal time, which is better than the industry standard. But the thing I am impressed about, is the paper slip that clearly states the preparation time and how long I can keep the food. This makes me more assured about the food quality. I can tell you the other 3 confinement companies that I ordered previously, namely Natal Essential, Richfood and Chilli Padi do not have these paper slips.

This assures me of the food quality and when to consume them

3) Fusion confinement meals
Not just that, I super like the idea of their fusion confinement meals. It is only from Week 3 onwards because the first 2 weeks of confinement meals have to be traditional to focus on recuperating and replenishing the mother's lost nutrients.
Coq au vin is on the top left, together with quinoa, seared salmon served with black chicken soup. 

Coq au vin, seared salmon, kurobuta pork loin, grilled chicken, spaghetti? You have got to be kidding me.

It makes me excited just to see such an interesting confinement menu that is western, healthy and delicious. Not forgetting that all of their ingredients can help to boost breast milk, mothers have one more reason to try them. Besides that, they serve 9 different kinds of rice, from barley millet, millet mixed, calrose, tri colour, five grain, quinoa mixed, brown, fried and pumpkin rice. The variety is totally drool-worthy. I hate eating just white rice everyday, which is fattening so these healthier options will surely appeal to the younger crowd.

In terms of taste, I think Tian Wei has got it right. You can check out their video here. The soups were great, the rice goes well with the dishes and the colours were appealing. I love the pork trotters' taste though it was too fatty for me. I also like all the western dishes, especially the coq au vin and seared salmon. The taste is definitely better than the other caterers and makes me look forward to every meals. If I really have to pinpoint their flaws, it would be that the portion is slightly smaller. Oh, maybe it's because it's so tasty that I find them not enough!

With competition comes improvements.

I think the confinement meals are heading towards the right direction. They are becoming more tasty, having more variety and I also hope price will come down too. This is also possible mainly because more and more people are doing DIY confinement like me. For people who do not engage a stay-in confinement nanny or a maid, confinement meals will definitely be a good choice.

I am absolutely going to order Tian Wei if I have another confinement, especially for the fusion dishes.
Disclaimer: I received 2 complimentary meals from Tian Wei but the reviews are solely my own subjective opinions.  Quote 'Simplyjesme' to get a $148 discount off the 28 days double meals package. Validity is up to 31st Dec 2017.


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