5 Money Saving Tips For DIY Travellers

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Travelling indeed is included in everyone's life goals. Well, who would resist experiencing the charm of new places - of actually stepping on those same fascinating destinations you only see on photos and of interacting with the locals? Whether it's that great dimsum matched perfectly with the spring season in Hong Kong or the artistic side of Barcelona that unleashes its best as September hits the calendar - we all can relate to that kind of yearning.

Yet, despite that common desire for travelling that most people share, some of us hold back simply due to the expenses. Whether it’s the airfares, accommodation, luggage costs, food, insurance, travelling usually bring about additional expenses along the way.

But... wait up, does travelling to our dream port of call have to cost that much?  Here are some money saving tips if you enjoy putting together your own travelling plans!

#1: Consider Your Season of Travelling

Flight expenses usually take up the biggest chunk of travel plans, thus utilising the most of every cent can also give us the most savings.

Travelling during peak seasons will only test your patience as you stressfully navigate the crowds and would cost you a lot more. Consider planning your trip during the off-peak season where hotel rates and airfares are much cheaper. Airlines usually have great offers like 2-to-go or early bird deals in the early part of the year. Do also check out the offers that you can get with your credit cards and with airmiles too, of course!

Here’s another tip: When flying back, be sure to go for flights in the earlier part of the week. Usually, Mondays and Tuesdays offer the best deals!

#2: Consider Private Apartments Instead of Hotel

Although hotels feel like the best option for your stay, sometimes the prices might not be as friendly on your travel budget. Alternatively, you can check out apartments or private rooms that are commonly offered by the locals themselves. These are places in which you could stay at for a significantly lower cost yet offers almost the same, if not, even more more homely comfort.

Airbnb got your back for that. Pick rooms with the highest ratings and top reviews. These often give the travellers wider space and better amenities. In other words, you're just one click away from some savings. Also, if you are really into getting the best possible deal out there, try negotiating in person.  

#3: Forget About Those Fancy Restaurants

If you want to absolutely make the most out of your travel, eat like the locals do! Check out their street foods and be sure you don't miss the city's best, especially if you see the locals queuing up for a particular stall.

You could also find some great savings in getting your snacks from local supermarkets, and you are staying in a place where the kitchen is available, you can even put together your own meals with fresh ingredients from the local markets or supermarkets. Why not have a chat with a local hawker on recipe suggestions?

#4: Go For Public Transport

Depending on the places you go to, public transport could be cheaper than rental cars. Assess what best suits your budget and your convenience. It may be paradoxical but public transportations don't necessarily have to be that same 'crowded' one as you expect it to be. Assuming that you'd go and wander around 5 or more places for that day, planning your route on the public transport network can add up to substantial savings.

If you are travelling long distances and really need to rent a car, be sure to have rental car monitoring apps like Autoslash with you. This app gives you a list of the cheapest of car rentals within the area so it's still a win-win situation, somehow. The best thing with this kind of app is that they're usually free to use!  

#5: Don't Let your Baggage Be A Burden

Baggage limits are one of the most 'I-wished-it-never-existed' for travellers. Either you've a weight constraint on what to bring home with you or you could set aside some money for that every excess kg on your luggage.

But whoever said that this would stop you from bringing everything that you think is a must to accompany your travel? Don't let your baggage be a burden - of course, there are ways to cheat with this one! Don't worry, we're doing no illegals here, instead, you can bring that luggage all with you. Yes! On yourself - there are in fact, what they call luggage jacket, wherein you can suit some of your extra items on it instead of paying for those

Don't let your dream getaway slip out of your reality! Travelling - yes, it is expensive, but you can definitely melt all those prices down into the most affordable way possible and voila!... what's 'expensive' again?

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